3 Autumn Microtrends I'm Definitely Trying, Plus the 3 I'm Avoiding

Let me fully preface this story with one huge caveat: Just because I'm not into some of these microtrends doesn't mean you should agree with me, and I certainly wouldn't judge a person for opting in. What you put on in the morning is an entirely personal decision. But I'm also here to deliver information impartially: Just because a certain trend, item or look scares the bejesus out of me doesn't mean it's not happening. And if it's happening, it's important that you know about it. I'd love to close my eyes, plug up my ears and go "la la la la," hoping that athleisure will finally die in the process, but it hasn't happened yet…

So right now we're in the biggest, busiest and sometimes craziest time for trends. It's the beginning of the new autumn/winter season (this part of the year always feels more adventurous and exciting that when spring/summer supposedly starts in the dark depths of February), and everyone in Fashion Town is going wild for newness. There are big overarching trends that feel like total no-brainers (dark floral dresses and chunky flat boots definitely feel easy and approachable) and offshoots and more niche factions are already sprouting, creating some controversial takes on how to enter this period with pizzazz.

Thanks to fashion month's street style set (we've already had New York, London and a slice of Milan—more to come on that front), I've gathered the microtrends that have piqued my interest that and I will be trying. I also collated the burgeoning looks that I'll probably skip but would still recommend should they float your sartorial boat. Keep scrolling for the full lowdown…

Microtrend I'm Trying #1: Fringe Jackets

Full disclosure: I've actually been doing this trend since the summer (when I found a fringed suede jacket from L'Agence on The Outnet) and am happy to see the idea has been wholeheartedly adopted by other fashion people. You'll find that one of these jackets really taps into the subtle Western mood of autumn 2019 but that it also goes with so many items you own already—from jeans through to prairie dresses.

Microtrend I'm Trying #2: Unbuttoning

I'm not one for risqué fashion moves, but there's something quite charming and Carrie-ish about unbutton your top/cardigan/jacket/whatever so that you reveal just a teeny tiny smidgen of stomach. I'm not talking full belly here—just a little peek from under a layered top and high-waisted skirt, trousers or jeans.

Microtrend I'm Trying #3: All the Leather

Whether a matching skirt and coat, a full trouser suit, jumpsuit or simply in dress form, the one thing I want to wear and buy right now is leather, leather, leather!

Microtrend I'm Skipping #1: Mismatched Shoes

More power to you if you fancy buying two pairs of the exact same shoe style (this is a truly kooky and fun move), but when I find it hard enough to decide on an outfit on each morning, I know this option would only cause further hassle and faff.

Microtrend I'm Skipping #2: Shorts

I'm one for covering up and I've never been that keen on how my legs look, so although shorts are definitely trending and appearing in some fantastic autumnal outfits, it's a no from me. If you do want to try it, I appreciate just how girls are balancing out sporty shorts with tailored jackets and coats. Very clever.

Microtrend I'm Skipping #3: Corset Tops

You're going to think I'm so prudish, but the real reason I'm not into this sudden corset-top comeback? Just not comfortable enough! After a summer full of breezy, tent-like dresses worn with Tevas, I'm now all about the comfort factor, something this trend has never and will never offer up. Looks cute with jeans though, you have to admit.

Next up, the types of coats we're looking for this season.