9 Easy Autumn Micro-Trends You Haven't Tried Yet

We're certain by now that you've been doing some meditative soul-searching over what you want to buy for the new A/W 17 season, right? Even if you've been more spontaneous than that, it's an important task nonetheless. We've personally spent days (well, a long while) choosing the best winter coat or the ultimate pair of ankle boots, but once you've got these integral parts of an autumnal closet nailed (and you could do worse than checking out our definitive starter list), then it's time to start branching out and experimenting with the microtrends that make every outfit a little bit cooler.

Right now, a rainbow of options exists, and we believe that this pick-'n'-mix approach is producing a fearless fashion mood. Street stylers and wardrobe enthusiasts alike are putting doubts to one side and wearing what they want in the most interesting ways possible. A zip-up sporty knit with just one bauble earring? Why not—it's the new high/low formula. Or how about swapping out your biker jacket every other day for a patent coat? Then there are stirrup leggings: Considering how much we know you like wearing the regular iteration, this could well be your next unexpected go-to.

So here's our rundown of the easiest and most effective micro-trends for autumn you can copy now.