I Haven't Worn Leggings for 23 Years, But Now I'm Converted

Leggings are beloved by 4-year-olds, but by me, a grown woman? I've always been on the fence. As a child, I'd reluctantly be clad in floral leggings with what would prove to be my outfit's sartorial saving grace: an oversized terra-cotta T-shirt with Princess Jasmine and her tiger sidekick emblazoned on the front. Oh, how I loved that tee but oh, how I hated those leggings.

Fast-forward to the mid-2000s when I decided to sport a pair in fetching neon-blue leggings to attend an '80s-themed party. This proved to be a sensible colour choice as I'd proceed to spill my teenage tipple of choice (a WKD drink) all down myself not long into the evening.

Aside from when I actually make it across the gym threshold, this was the extent of my legging-wearing ways. At least it was until I was recently persuaded otherwise. This time, my mother had nothing to do with it. Instead, it's the women I continually look to for fashion inspiration who are making me reconsider leggings. Scroll down and you'll see why.

From off-duty cool to after-dark options, these ladies prove that leggings aren't just for the occasional (read: rarer than a lunar eclipse) spin class, nor should they be reserved for long-haul flights, either. Comfortable and—dare I say it—chic, these are the autumn leggings outfits I'm fully committing to.

Overcome your leggings phobia? Now let's crack the poncho.