These Trending Jewellery Pieces Are Going to Be Big News in 2022

Jewellery trends, like clothinghandbag or footwear trends, are divided into two camps right now. On one end are the classics, and on the other, a wild, riotous party of fun. The wonder of it all is that you can follow a singular path, but there's also scope for the two opposing looks to be really fantastic when they're clashing together. A navy crew-neck jumper worn with a string of playful beads, a simple bracelet stack against a super-voluminous sleeve, a dramatically cut-out dress juxtaposed against a timeless chain necklace—these combinations spark joy. So it makes sense that autumn's most important jewellery trends are split into two distinctly different vibes to follow suit: "forever" pieces like classic bangles or tennis necklaces and out-there styles like brightly coloured gemstones or gaudy '80s clip-ons. 

A carefully chosen piece of jewellery can bring a look up to date, and there are a few choice styles that are trending in the world of gemstones and metals. These all-important add-ons may be the final flourish to an outfit, but they are by no means an afterthought for most fashion lovers. From the grids of Instagram to the return of street style snaps at fashion month, we've already noticed a selection of outfit-improving jewellery pieces, and they're all charted below along with some great shopping options for every budget. And never forget, very few jewellery trends are brand new, so you can often track down great vintage and second-hand options via brands such as Susan Caplan Vintage, platforms such as Etsy or your local charity shop counters!


autumn jewellery trends: short and tennis necklaces


Jade Belmes; @pernilleteisbaek

Style Notes: When two of your colleagues turn up to NYFW wearing the same jewellery trend, you know your hunch was right. Here, Kat Collings and Lauren Eggertson are blazing the trail for short necklaces. They aren't chokers, but they aren't full necklaces either. They're a collarbone-tickling, super-sophisticated mid-ground, and they look best in classic finishes like pearl, chain or twinkly little tennis necklace–style diamonds.


autumn jewellery trends: stacked bangles


@chanelmckinsie; Jade Belmes

Style Notes: Whether or not you can afford a smattering of Cartier bangles is none of my business, but you will want to know that this chic, ultra-simple metal bracelet stack is as stylish and popular as ever. Even in a more affordable iteration, it gives that air of having a chauffeur and a double-faced cashmere coat.


Style Notes: From bold enamel finishes to emoji charms and colourful beads, there's a naivety running through many jewellery collections right now, and it's charming the pants off us all. "The luxe beaded look seems to be gaining more and more momentum. Originally, I thought it was a bit of a gimmick," admits fine jewellery expert and consultant Lucy Delius, calling off a list of influential designers and brands who are tapping into a more playful look, such as Mateo, Harwell Godfrey, Roxanne First and Missoma. The hype around Bea Bongiasca's rings alone has been enough to persuade our whole team.


Style Notes: Equally loud but in a very different, more retro way is a movement towards large clip-on earrings. Where drops and chandeliers have ruled over the past decade or so, these vintage-inspired (an often actually vintage) are back in the limelight. The difference? These styles fit close to the ear and wouldn't be out of place in your mum's old collection. Delius has also been feeling this shift and is considering replacing her everyday hoops with something more dramatic. Her choice? By Pariah's Sabine earrings. "They are clip-on so are really comfortable, and they look so amazing all on their own—you don't always need multiple piercings to make a statement. I'm going to wear mine with a black slip dress and my hair slicked back," she says.


Style Notes: Everywhere I look, I see chunky, gemstone-studded rings being layered up, and well, I like it. Delius tells me the origin of these substantial cocktail rings actually lies in men's Victorian jewellery, and it's a look she's also got money on this season. Sophie Quy, executive vice president of brands for Threads Styling, agrees, explaining that "the top jewellery trend this autumn is all about big stones set in statement pieces" and that it's these kinds of styles that are the easiest to make an impact with. Sold!

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