6 Autumn Jeans Trends That'll Make Your Outfits Feel Fresher Than Ever

Autumn is the ideal time to reevaluate your denim game, the focus of which naturally falling to jeans. Already this season, the fashion landscape is being graced with an array of fresh jean styles that will effortlessly transition from unseasonably warm days to those that require cosy clothing. Think of your jeans as a canvas for your autumn wardrobe, with versatile options that cater to all your moods.

That’s not to say, however, that you need to stick to basic blue straight-legs—in fact, there are a selection of autumn jeans trends that feel especially current for 2023 that you may also want to consider. First, let's talk about the subtle shift in colour palette. While black and grey tones always make a comeback in the cooler months, this autumn we’re seeing more brown and taupe denim iterations than ever before, I suspect due to fashion’s enduring obsession with all-things quiet luxury.

Finish plays a pivotal role this autumn, as denim continues to lean into the Y2K aesthetic. Though I suspect it to be rather Marmite, the return of sandblast fades is undeniable. Brands are also serving up cargo jeans for autumn; a signifier of the enduring appetite for them on the market. Then, there are silhouettes to contemplate, too, but instead of describing them for you, why don’t we take a closer look at them, and all the autumn jeans trends taking over this season. Scroll on to see and stop 2023’s denim updates.

1. Micro Flare

Autumn Jeans Trends: 2023's key denim includes micro-flare hems, as seen on @sylviemus_



Style Notes: Cropped jeans have taken a bit of a backseat to longer styles over the past few seasons but, if the market and social media are anything to go by, they're about to become a hit once more. This time, accompanied by a cute little micro flare, which helps to balance out the length of the leg. 

2. Brown & Taupe

Autumn Jeans Trends: 2023's key denim includes brown and taupe colours, as seen on @emswells



Style Notes: Brown has been a key colour for 2023, dominating everything from dresses to bags to nails. so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the tone has transitioned onto jeans too. What is a surprise, however, is that I may even prefer them to classic blue. 

 Any 00s child will tell you that extreme fade jeans were very much a thing at the turn of the millennium, and while I'm personally on the fence, there's no denying their influence on autumn 2023—just look at the styles I found below for proof! Danielle has made them look chicer than I ever thought possible too, solidifying them as a trend as she goes. 

4. Ultra Wide

Style Notes: Wide-leg trousers still feature heavily in the outfit rotations of those in the know, so it makes sense that wide-leg jeans are very much a thing this autumn, also. But not just roomy—we're talking extreme wide-leg silhouettes, which look incredibly cool worn with other relaxed pieces, such as boxy blazers and loose jumpers. 

5. Cuffed Hem

Autumn Jeans Trends: 2023's key denim includes cuffed hems, as seen on @allisonho



Style Notes: When your trousers are too long, you get them hemmed. When your jeans are too long? Turn them up! This is a hack fashion people have long since used to make their jeans outfits feel different. Now, it's become a trend in its own right and there are plenty of pre-cuffed pairs to shop. 

Style Notes: The cargo-trouser trend has proven it has serious staying power, especially in jean form which, I argue, is even easier to integrate into your wardrobe than canvas, khaki pairs.