I'm 5'1"—Here Are All the Autumn Trends I'll Actually Wear

Throughout fashion month, industry insiders are constantly shown new collections and presentations, and while I do adore the glamour of seeing a model strut down the runway, more often than not, I find myself thinking about whether the clothes presented would actually work on me. As a petite woman, standing at just 5’1”, this is a predicament I find myself battling constantly. I ask myself, “Sure, that’s chic, but could I actually wear it without looking like a girl who has raided her big sister’s wardrobe?”  Or I often ponder, “At what point does oversized go from stylish to drowning in fabric?”

With every new season, there are certain trends I choose to forgo and others I opt into simply due to their capacity to suit a smaller frame, and of course, autumn/winter 2021 is no different. This season, in the realm of petite-friendly looks, we saw miniskirts make a bona fide comeback. A rise in hemlines can be a welcome silhouette for those of us on the shorter side, meaning we can save ourselves a trip to the tailor. Bold, single-shade saturated looks were also prominent on the runway, while knitted dresses and cut-out shapes made more than a few appearances. Want to know why these trends work for petites? Keep scrolling to read about the autumn trends I’m investing in this season.

1. Micro Minis

Autumn Trends For Petites: Mini Skirts


Courtesy of Versace

Style Notes: Seeing miniskirts storm the runway over the last few seasons has been a welcome relief and has resulted in far fewer trips to the tailor for me. While hemlines are on the rise and are entering much shorter territory than before, this can actually work in our favour. It means miniskirts are no longer hitting at the knee and are ending slightly above at a point that can be more flattering.

Autumn Trends For Petites: Single Shade Looks


Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Style Notes: Dressing from head to toe in a single shade is a technique petite women have employed for decades in order to create the illusion of height. Evidently, the trend is now also runway-approved, as everyone from Bottega Veneta to Versace sent models down the runway dressed in single-shade, saturated looks.

3. Knit Dresses

Autumn Trends For Petites: Knit Dresses


Courtesy of Chloé

Style Notes: Knitted dresses of all shapes and sizes were quite prominent on the A/W 21 runways. The looks ranged from oversized silhouettes to figure-hugging shapes. For women on the petite side, I’d suggest investing in the more form-fitting options available this season. This will work to accentuate your figure rather than overwhelm it.

4. Cut-Outs 

Autumn Trends For Petites: Cut-Outs


Courtesy of Jonathan Simkhai

Style Notes: A strategically placed cut-out can work wonders to create the illusion of height, and thankfully, cut-outs were all over the A/W 21 runways. Dresses with leg splits above the knee can be very flatting for those of us who are petite, while a peekaboo detail along the torso can lengthen the lower half of your body.

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