3 It Colours Are Already Trending For Autumn, and We're Buying Them

Autumn 2019 is shaping up to be perhaps the most colourful autumn on record. Designers have put strong bets on divisive hues such as witchy purple and highlighter green, street stylers have already been introducing a range of new hues into their repertoire over the past few weeks and stores are looking noticeably less drab and wintry than they once would during this time of the year when new season collections start dropping in.

Once upon a time, your autumn colour options were strictly black (not even a colour, we know), grey, navy and maybe a dash of red. If things were really getting wild, you'd perhaps be treated to camel or white, but that was about as adventurous as things used to get. This time around the outlook is altogether more jolly, and the shades you'd normally associate with different parts of the year (or perhaps you haven't even considered wearing them at all) are finding their way into the cosiest of collections via knits, coats and footwear.

Who'd have thought that butter yellow could be the hue to boot beige off the fashion-girl top spot? Or that hot pink would be so compelling and covetable in September? Add in the current penchant for fruity or vegetable-y greens, and you have yourself three key colours of the season that you definitely weren't expecting but that are undeniably happening. Keep scrolling to see how some of the women we stalk most closely for style tips are wearing these shades and then shop from our edit of the best new-in pieces that match up.


Pernille's Bottega Veneta coat is now shoppable and very likely to become an investment piece for the brand's new superfans.

This soft shade of yellow looks particularly tempting rendered in satin.

It's also rather sophisticated in knitwear and goes surprisingly well with the brown and black accessories you already own.


Monikh's cheery green jumper goes very nicely with denim.

Again, if you're looking for major 2019 brownie points, buy into high-shine fabrics.

Mix and match these healthy greens and you'll fit in with the Scandi set. 


It's a colour of the '80s, so don't blame us if you can't help but take the look down a really retro path.

And don't be concerned about trying to neutralise it—go bold and clashy or go home.

Different pinks together? A dream.

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