Sorry, Summer—We're a Bit Distracted by These 5 Autumn Colour Trends

It might only be the second week of August and, yes, summer wares may still line the shelves of our favourite high street stores, but we can't help but notice that the new-in sections are slowly but surely being infiltrated by autumn pieces—from trans-seasonal jackets to sturdy boots—and we're not going to lie, we're pretty excited about it.

There are a few colours that inevitably dominate every single autumn, however, there are some new additions that are set to make a splash this September. While last year everyone lost it over browns and khakis, this year it's more about colour binaries: think neon green rubbing shoulders with deep purple, and pale yellow put into relief by fashion editor black (yes we know it's not technically a colour but... fashion).

Of course, we don't like to be too prescriptive about these things, but if you think about it, giving a nod to a new season hue is surely one of the easiest ways to freshen up your wardrobe. After all, you probably already own at least one piece in one of the below shades, so it's merely a case of experimenting with new combinations—for example, why not try a neon knit with a pleated beige skirt? Or try swapping out your fave neutrals for a hit of pale yellow? 

So, if you're desperate for a little autumnal inspo, keep scrolling to see the five colours that we are most excited to wear for the new season and 15 pieces that you can wear already.

1. Margarine Yellow

Style Notes: We're taking inspiration from a store cupboard staple with this mellow colour trend. Offering a stylish alternative to last year's muted browns and beiges, pale yellow is our new fave way to go tonal.

2. Deep Purple

Style Notes: The general public seems to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the colour purple, and it can certainly be a tricky look to pull off. Luckily, for 2019, purple comes in a spectrum that ranges from soft lilac to deep indigo. Don't worry—there's a shade for everyone.

Style Notes: Yes, we know that black is technically an absence of colour, but we can't ignore the fact that head-to-toe black outfits have flooded Instagram this summer. The black smock dress seems to be having a moment, in particular, bringing with it a fresh and more fun spin on the traditionally austere fashion-editor uniform. 

5. Grass Green

Style Notes: Fashion influencers are coming over all green-fingered with this horticultural-inspired colour trend. It's one of those shades that is surprisingly flattering on all skin tones, plus it's sure to look just as good now as it will in December. Win win. 

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