The Best 31 Pieces to Buy in Autumn's Already-Trending Colours

Arguably the most important runway trend for autumn 2021 is a return to loud, highly pigmented colours. From cerise minidresses with matching tights and satin platforms at Versace (perhaps my favourite runway look of the entire season) through to the mix-'n'-match super-brights in oversized shapes at Raf Simons, designers are painting a vibrant scene for the months to come. The vibe, however, is already coming to the fore ahead of time on social media. Whether brightening up the streets of London or taking something standout on staycation, Brits are backing the look wholeheartedly, choosing solid-colour, ultra-vibrant dresses by the dozen. Elsewhere on planet fashion, you'll find the Scandi crews continuing to flex their colour-clashing muscles, wearing complementary tones together (cobalt blue and bright orange, anyone?), while some of our Italian pals seem particularly invested in canary yellow. All of the above are more than appropriate for the autumnal season ahead, even if you consider them to be shades better suited to summer—in essence, that is the very point. Rather than a traditionally moodier palette of russet reds, rusty terracottas, forest greens and sombre greys, the coming season is all about continuing our joyful-dressing streak and making an entrance.

Of course, there are a few neutral hues keeping things on a level for those of you who don't fancy playing dress-up. Matte-finish brown fabrics are popping up everywhere and look incredibly premium on the high street, especially when worn head to toe. Thanks to this summer's trending trousers from The Row—a very inconspicuous-looking pair of beige slacks—shades of cream are also on the menu. Keep scrolling to find out about autumn's already-trending colours and where to get the best pieces to shop the looks out.


Style Notes: Unlike more acidic shades of green, these kinds of slightly more muted hues can move very well into autumn sitting alongside darker colours and cosy layers. But also, how striking is an apple-green dress?


Style Notes: In those moments where you'd normally turn to navy, grey or black, try brown instead. It looks luxe, even when you're not spending a great deal on it.


autumn trending colour shopping picks: oranges



Style Notes: Orange, like purple, tends to divide crowds, but it's increasingly present across new-in sections and social media channels. And it does look pretty fab with pink…


Style Notes: From bold cerise trousers through to bubblegum handbags, there is no shortage right now of really bold pink pieces. Seun's idea here of wearing hot-pink trousers with a yellow tee is inspired.


Style Notes: Who knew beige slacks would be this summer's key buy? The look will easily translate into autumn with knitwear, but you'll also find cream dresses, tailoring and coats cropping up.

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