These 9 Microtrends Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing

Some people consider fashion's never-ending cycle of microtrends to encourage wasteful shopping habits and to be unsustainable. Whilst that is absolutely a possibility, I think the issue really lies in how, not what, we decide to add to our wardrobes: It's essential that whatever the item in question—microtrend or ultra-basic—needs to speak to you and your deepest personal style desires, and the purchase must be considered rather than induced by stress or pressure. If a TikTok aesthetic isn't for you, feel free to move along. If a supposed wardrobe staple isn't your jam, don't feel obliged for it to be in your closet just because

The team at Who What Wear UK has long left behind the concept of items being "in" or "out" because it was, simply, exhausting. While we all still feel the urge to buy a special dress as a wedding guest or treat ourselves to something fancy at the start of a new season, long-lasting style and worthwhile purchases are often very tied to the pieces you always gravitate towards (and maybe already own multiples of—I don't see that as greedy just smart if you're always using them). So, every now and then, there will be a mini trend or two bubbling up that you instantly know you'll get heaps of wear out of. Will any of autumn 2022's microtrends tick those boxes for you? Let's see…

autumn 2022 microtrends: zebra


@fiahamelijnck; Courtesy of Lanvin; @chainkyr@hannaw

If you're already an animal print fan, or even just a lover of stripes, this one's for you. Zebra is the niche cousin to leopard print in fashion circles and it's for that reason it always boomerangs back around looking just as cool as the last time it surface. You'll find it now in everything from dresses to jeans, shoes to trench coats.

Seriously—Karen Millen is stepping its game up!

This H&M style looks premium thanks to the brown-and-black colourway.

Whether bandeau top, skintight jersey dress or tubular maxi skirt, there's a new wave of bodycon dressing in town and this time around, it's comfy and laid-back. Loewe's tank dress set the tone for a more vibrant take in 2022, but you'll find black Skims maxi dresses are trending just as hard.

It's the TikTok-famous dress we're all talking about.

Modest dressers are using these as interesting layers on top of shirts, blouses and dresses.

You can balance out a tube skirt with a looser-fit shirt if full bodycon isn't for you.

Pink is no stranger to the trend spotlight. In fact, I feel like it's been big news every season since I started working in fashion 15 years ago. But this year, with Margot Robbie's Barbie movie on the horizon, pink has been supercharged and is now being worn in the most over-the-top cutesy, head-to-toe ways. Add sparkles, feather, dolly shoes and costume jewellery.

autumn 2022 microtrends: tie-up tops


@lefevrediary; @emilisindlev; @samimiro; courtesy of 16 Arlington

This is a niche Y2K-led trend that originally started on social media but has slowly crept into high fashion areas, like Prada's lace-up jacket-shirts or 16 Arlington's precariously-fastened dresses. It's a revealing look so not for everyone, but it has been fully embraced over the summer months so I expect it to surface again during party season.

Abercrombie has taken on the trend in a cute way.

Not all tie-up tops have to be a noughties throw-back, they can be boho too.

autumn 2022 microtrends: cargo pants


The Style Stalker; @lindatol_; @mimi.orere@nlmarilyn

Post-lockdown the fashion set continues their search for comfy-but-cool trousers that feel a little more elevated than joggers but not as restrictive as jeans. Cargo pants are the answer! Whether in camo denim or silky satin, they're being reconfigured into both streetwear and glam looks.

Gold's all well and good and I'll personally never waiver in my dedication to this metal, but silver is slowly-but-surely making itself known. Kim Kardashian's crazy-popular silver swimsuits, designers incorporating silver leather into their accessories and ready-to-wear, and a noticeable approval from influencers for chunky silver jewellery… it's happening.

If you're looking for metallic pants, Amy Lynn's your brand.

All Blues's chunky jewellery gets the influencer stamp of approval.

autumn 2022 microtrends: pointy boots


The Style Stalker; @naomielizee; Courtesy of Diesel

Gen Z's favourite runway brands are really backing this '90s boot comeback. They must be pointy, with a stiletto and even better if they come with hardware or some sort of overly-decorated finish. This won't be for everyone, and other more practical styles like chunky ankle boots are still completely relevant, but for the directional types out there, these boots will lead the way. 

These are selling like hotcakes and only a few sizes are left.

A solid high-street option that comes in brown and black.

autumn 2022 microtrends: crystals


@natashandlovu; @annarvititello; courtesy of Magda Butrym; @ninasandbech

The KiraKira app hype has been and gone, but the legacy lives on. So if silver seems just too tame, crystals, sequins, diamanté and all sparkling fabrics in-between are everywhere for AW22. The looks has even infiltrated swimwear, such is the fashion set's dedication to catching eyes at every single moment. Expect this to dominate the party scene but also be ever-present in casual outfits with a twinkly-top-and-jeans or clear gemstone jewellery.

The surprisingly versatile accessory that brings pizzazz to every outfit.

A simple sequin top can be used in so many outfits.

autumn 2022 microtrends: 90s necklaces


@michelleamo_; @katcollings; Imaxtree/Schiaparelli; @alyssainthecity

The kind of pendants that are happiest on a length of grosgrain or velvet ribbon, or simply strung onto the most basic of black cord, an Etsy DIY-style wave of '90s jewellery has infiltrated my IG feed. There are more dramatic, sculptural iterations over in luxuryland thanks to the likes of Schiaparelli.

Acne has these in different colours with different cute words spelled out.

Of course, Etsy is the epicentre for affordable options.

Up next, the autumn outfits we love.

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