These Street Style Pictures Make Me Want to Be Australian

We know it probably gets boring for them—endless sunshine, great tans, toned bodies from all that outdoor exercise—but Australian girls really do have it sorted when it comes to summer fashion. That's why we're always grateful at this time in the year to witness Australia Fashion Week playing out in Melbourne.

It means the best of the best dressed are out in full force, showcasing how they're tackling the season—even if it is technically their "winter," the temperatures align nicely to the UK summer, i.e., what we need to wear now. While still dubious about leaving overcoats or jackets at home but keen to bare legs and crack out the sandals, our Aussie counterparts, it would seem, are walking the same style tightrope.

Thanks to our street photographer on the ground—that's Style Snooper Dan—we can look into the future of your month's wardrobe decisions and predict that the following outfits are well worth bookmarking for reference.

Go through the gallery to see the 15 ensembles we're into.