Your August Horoscopes Is Here—See What's in Store!

Natalia Benson is a Los Angeles–based tarot and astrological expert, designer, creative, and DJ. True to her astrological assortment (Aries sun sign, Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius moon), she finds inspiration from a number of creative outlets, including running her namesake jewellery company and DJ’ing under the name WHITEHORSE. Make sure to follow Benson on Instagram for monthly inspiration and astral insights, and book an astrology or tarot reading with her. Benson will be sharing her insights exclusively with Who What Wear readers every month.

Happy August, everyone! We have an incredibly vibrant and fiery month ahead! We have just moved into Leo time with about four to five other planets also dancing around this heart-centered zodiac sign of love and self-expression. Interestingly enough, though, the planet of love, Venus, just began a retrograde cycle for the next month and a half, as well as Uranus, the planet of expression and surprises. What does this mean for us? We all may be reconsidering how we love, create, and express as well as taking new, innovative approaches to certain experiences in our life. It’s definitely a dynamic and interesting time!  

Read on to see what the cosmos have to uniquely offer your sign this month.

Hi, Aries! Happy August to you. This month we focus on your finances and productivity at large. Do you feel stable and secure, or is there room for improvement here? Whenever we move through this Taurus-inspired transit, the cosmos are asking us to focus on our foundation. We often feel more inspired to really put our nose to the grindstone and create results in order to feel secure and happy. Currently, Aries has the planet of Uranus (the planet in astrology that represents freedom, surprises, and change) moving through it, so be willing to try something new and be open to change. If you’d like to shift something when it comes to stability, finances, or your productivity, now is an excellent time to do so! Get inspired if you’d like to create change, and go with your first inspiration. Enjoy the month, Aries!

Hey, Taurus. This month I have a feeling you’ll be focused on socialising and communication at large. This is a great time to express ideas and communicate regularly to friends, loved ones, and co-workers. You may find you are busier this month than usual—the energy you’re moving through is a Gemini one, so it’s a bit different than your typical grounded, productive Taurus vibe. Enjoy the lightheartedness and even the flightiness of a transit like this one; short trips and regular coffee dates with friends are definitely highlighted here. When it comes to matters of the heart, your ruling planet, Venus, is making a move through the sign of Leo, so passions may be high and your heart open. Share the wealth and express what you feel. Enjoy the month, Taurus!

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Hi, Aquarius! Happy August to you. This month highlights a regenerative and maybe even restful time for you. The energy emphasised here has to do with introspection, meditation, getting plenty of sleep, and taking care of the deeper parts of yourself. I know that can be challenging, especially with all of the energy of summer, but it is important to know when to slow down and go within! Interestingly enough, the sun is journeying through your opposite sign of Leo this month: What does that mean for you? It sort of acts like a counterbalance, bringing certain things in your life into perspective and asking you to balance out opposing sides of yourself. So, if you’ve been extremely busy and nonstop, just be willing to also balance that out with some “you” time. Enjoy the month, Aquarius!

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Hi, Pisces! This month emphasises you! The transit has the energy of Aries behind it. How you lead, take charge in your life, and be authentically yourself is all emphasised here. The more you can take new approaches to old problems and/or pioneer certain areas of your life and personality, the better. You may even have an easier time getting in touch with your truest identity and purpose. Wear your most original outfit, light a fire under that project you’ve been procrastinating on, and be willing to stand out. You may feel a little internal and chill the first few days of the month, but no worries. After the moon moves into Aries, you’ll feel the energy I am talking about here. Enjoy the month, Pisces!

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Hi, Capricorn! August highlights a really lighthearted time for you—definitely one of spending time with friends, expanding social circles, and networking. You may have even more extra charm this month than you already often do, and connecting the dots with friends and new acquaintances could really pay off. This is also an excellent time to make goals and visions for the future: What excites you most about your future? Do you have a five-year or 10-year vision of your life? Make sure of the cosmic energy behind you this month, Capricorn, and really dream big when it comes to your life. Your friends will be supportive. Enjoy!

Hi, Sagittarius! Happy August to you. This month emphasises your focus on your career and reputation at large. What are you cultivating in terms of your career goals? What excites you most about what you do? Feeling stagnant or uninspired with work? This month encourages you to thrive in the realm of work life and how you put yourself out there to the world. As a Sagittarius, you definitely shine in all that you do, so put this extra cosmic energy to work for you. The ruling planet of your sign is Jupiter, and Jupiter is hanging out over in the sign of Leo currently; what does this mean for you? Put your heart and your passion into what you do. If that doesn’t seem possible at the moment but is something you want to experience, this month is a great time to begin making shifts in the career realm so that you are doing what you truly love! Enjoy the month, Sagittarius!

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Hey, Scorpio, happy August to you! This month highlights travel, expanding your mind and your horizons as well as adventure. Move yourself out of the daily grind for a moment: Taking a vacation or short trip, learning something, or trying something new would be great for you this month. Last month may have felt a bit more introverted as the transit you were experiencing had more to do with your inner reality than your outer. This month, put the self-awareness you cultivated into action and explore your surroundings in a whole new way. Also a great time to socialise or get to know people in a different group or social circle. Just remember try something new. ;) Enjoy the month, Scorpio!

Hi, Libra. :) This month has the potential to be extremely powerful for you. I wouldn’t say it’s your month to be your most extroverted self, and that’s ok. This can be a great time for you to introvert a bit: Meditation, yoga, and self-exploration are all encouraged in a transit like this. Doing your best to get plenty of sleep is also great. Do you ever journal your thoughts and feelings or remember your dreams? Pay attention to the deeper side of yourself this month, which I know isn’t always encouraged in the hectic pace of life we all keep. If you’re able to take the time to get to know yourself and life a bit more deeply, you can find some incredible treasure there. Enjoy the month, Libra!

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Hi, Virgo, and happy August! This month highlights partnerships and relationships at large for you. As opposed to focusing on just the “me,” we take a look at the “we.” If you happen to be in a relationship or marriage, this can be a great month to take stock in it—whether that means spending a little extra time and energy together or working through what may need some extra love and attention. If you need outside assistance, seek it. In terms of work, one-to-one client work can increase, and/or you may find yourself seeking to work in pairs or groups more than singularly. A transit coloured with the energy of Libra can bring harmony and peace as well as inspiration to legal matters or partnerships of any kind. Enjoy the month, Virgo!

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Hi, Leo, and happy birthday! I have to say, this really is your month. You have five planets partying through your sign at the beginning of August! What does that mean? Well, first and foremost, you probably have a lot of vitality right now. Hopefully you feel inspired by life and excited by your next trip around the sun in the coming year. Your birthday month also highlights an excellent time to take great care of yourself and recalibrate your health, habits, and daily routine. What comes with you into the coming year? What stays behind? With all of this energy in your sign this month, you’ve got the cosmos behind you to make it an absolutely incredible year ahead. Consider more yoga, green juice, morning walks, and meditation in your routine this month and the year to come. Enjoy the month, Leo!

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Hi, Cancer. :) This is going to be a really fun month for you. I have a feeling the last month may have been a bit intense, with the planet Mars (a planet that corresponds to fire, energy, action, and even war) moving through your sign, so you may have been feeling more agitated than usual or even restless. August, however, is a time to let loose and have fun. The energy highlighted for you this month revolves around romance, fun, hobbies, children, and play. Take time to enjoy life’s pleasures, buy yourself flowers, treat your lover to dinner, wear your wildest outfit, or spend extra time with your kids. Whatever makes you feel light and good is great for you this month. Cancer, you deserve it. Enjoy!

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Hi, Gemini, and happy August. :) I know we are in the height and heat of summer, but this month may actually be an amazing time for you to slow down a bit, nurture yourself, and spend a little more time than usual in your home sector. Not super in love with your abode? Home improvements, renovations, and the like are also highlighted here. Extra self-nurturance is what a month like this admonishes you to do: massages, acupuncture, spiritual guidance, spending time with people you love, eating well, etc. All the ways you can nourish yourself and feel peaceful and at rest are great. If you’re constantly giving to others, now is a time to give a bit more to yourself: When you feel full, you have more to offer, whether it’s within relationships or career. Happy nesting, Gemini!

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