How to Master Audrey Hepburn's Style (and Still Look Completely Modern)

If we could possess Audrey Hepburn's style for the rest of our lives, the result would be an effortlessly chic, seriously timeless, and perfectly balanced wardrobe. Who wouldn't want that? The fashion icon is known for curating looks that stuck. Thanks to her, classic items such as cropped pixie trousers, ballet flats, and turtlenecks have been given a heart-warming charm that we absolutely adore. 

When you think about it, it truly is remarkable that, for the most part, Audrey Hepburn's style is still completely relevant today. Heck, some of the things I wore last year have long since fallen out of style, let alone a few decades ago. Colour us impressed. Ahead, discover and shop the staple items that every Hepburn-lover's wardrobe would not be complete without, and that every fashion lover's wardrobe probably needs. 

Keep reading to find out how you can re-create Audrey Hepburn's style while still looking totally modern.