Exclusive: 10 Surprising Questions With Funny Girl Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza—she’s just like us. OK, well she may be a smooth jazz-loving zombie in this month’s Life After Beth (out in theatres today!), but in real life she’s Googling Chris Pratt shirtless, catching up on Orange is the New Black, and prepping for an intense season of intermural basketball with her girlfriends (go Pistol Shrimps!). We sat down with Parks and Recreation’s resident cool girl to talk zombie apocalypses, her most memorable fashion moment, and more. And naturally, hilarity ensued, so keep reading for our exclusive interview.


If you were an appliance, what would you be and why?
I would be a...Nespresso machine, because I like those.

What is the best part about playing a zombie?
Being able to act like a total lunatic monster trying to eat people. You get to shed all of your humanness and just go crazy. It’s really fun.

Do you share any qualities with Beth?
Well I think somewhere inside I have zombie qualities, demon qualities, dark demon forces, so maybe that’s what I share with Beth. But Beth as a human, I am not like her at all.

What’s your most memorable fashion moment—good or bad?
I wore this dress to the ALMA Awards a couple of years ago that was designed by Giambattista Valli. When I first put it on I was so horrified, because it’s a really interesting white dress where it kind of looks like it has a pregnant belly attached to it or like a there is a huge tumour growing out of you. I was so scared to wear it, but then when I did wear it and looked at pictures of it, it actually looked really cool. I remember thinking, oh yeah, fashion is such a cool art form, and I was really proud that that designer let me wear that dress, even though I was afraid at first.

There’s a zombie apocalypse, and you have to leave your house right away. What article of clothing do you grab first?
I have these pretty awesome grey cotton overalls that are like comfy overall pajamas. I feel like they would be practical in a zombie apocalypse, because they have a pouch for a gun and two pockets for food and ammunition. Functional and comfortable and cool.

What’s the last thing you Googled?
Chris Pratt shirtless.

Who is your favourite onscreen boyfriend?
I mean I have to pick [Chris] Pratt because he was my boyfriend, then my husband [on Parks and Recreation]. I’ve had such a long onscreen relationship with him and I don’t think anything tops that.

Who is your female comedian icon and why?
Amy Poehler, because she is always the funniest person in the room. She has such a cool, confident, and kind personality and a great attitude about life that I just really admire.

What’s your favourite word and why?
Hag, because it makes me laugh.

Give us a snapshot of your pop culture must-haves right now:
-What are you watching? Just started Orange is the New Black. I know I’m late on the train, but better late than never. 
-What are you listening to? Jeff [Baena] just sent me this Bill Wilson album [Ever Changing Minstrel]. He kind of created this genre of music called cocaine country, which is like country, but on drugs, and it’s pretty awesome.
-What are you reading? I just finished Pacific by Tom Drury, which was really really good and everyone should read it.

*Bonus Question: Who would win a fight between you and Anna Kendrick? (Note: the two have a hilarious scuffle in Life After Beth.)
I am going to go with Anna—she scares me. She’s feisty.