Apparently Athleisure Is Dead: What Does This Mean for Our Wardrobes?

Ok, athleisure as a concept is not dead but the handy word may well be on its way out. Why? Well, according to a recent WGSN report, sportswear has become such a normal part of our wardrobes and shopping lists that the nomenclature has almost become invalid as an umbrella term for style-conscious activewear—despite the fact that Merriam-Webster has now officially added it to its dictionary.

So what will the (as yet not re-named) sporty-stylish stuff you can wear anytime, any day, look like next year? Well, existing fitness brands continue to increase their offering, while fashion labels are doing more than dipping a toe in—see Fendi. Chic start-up workout labels catering to that on- and off-duty market are springing up by the dozen: Monreal London, Laain and Live the Process are some buzzy names to know. And let's not forget a particularly mainstream—and exciting—arrival due in April from Beyoncé at Topshop, which has been dubbed as athleisure in its entirety.

Scroll down to see the pieces you can wear to pilates, a personal training session, a party and beyond…

What will you be adding to your New Year fitness kit? Tell us in the comments below and check out how to be the best dressed girl in your spin class for inspiration!