The Small Detail That Makes Everything Look Current

This week two burgeoning trends have made themselves plain to see on streets and store rails, and both of them have put a majorly official stamp on the fact that asymmetrical silhouettes provide more nowness than anything else. 

We've studied the one-shouldered shirt boom from Emilio Pucci and the fact that wrap cardigans and tops are basically the most flattering thing you can buy in your entire lifetime—no matter your body type—and now look at just how many jaunty hemlines are around. You'll find them on skirts. On dresses. On tops, jumpers and jackets. This one design feature enables a simpler wardrobe staple to suddenly take on a new lease of directional life.

Add just one to your closet and we guarantee spring 2016 will reward you. Scroll down to see our top asymmetrical picks…


Timur Emek/Getty Images

On Patricia Manfield: Kenzo top; Stella McCartney skirt.

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