Susan Miller Decodes How Your Zodiac Sign Impacts Your Style

The old-school pickup line “What’s your sign?” might be too hackneyed to even acknowledge, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still read our own personal horoscopes on a semi-regular basis. And even if we didn’t, you have to admit that the ancient, mysterious world of astrology still has a pull in modern-day society. And if you don’t think it does, Astrology Zone writer Susan Miller’s 200,000 Twitter followers might disagree.

Miller is one of the most well-known and highly regarded astrologists in the game, and she also happens to be the most beloved amongst the fashion industry at large. Her most devout followers are absolutely dependent on her, and at their worst, they’re fanatic—when Miller fell ill in July and posted her monthly horoscopes late, a faction of them turned against her in anger. Blame it on the stars?

But despite falling ill with multiple afflictions in September, Miller hasn’t missed a beat, and we had the pleasure of catching up with her. Naturally, we had to ask her for her valuable insight into how each zodiac sign’s personal style is impacted by the alignment of their stars and moons.

Her responses were nothing short of fascinating. Keep scrolling to find out how YOUR sign impacts your own way of dressing!

March 21-April 19

Aries tends to like dramatic but simple things. It’s the first sign of the zodiac so they want their own personality to come out—they’re going to add their own elements. They will be aware of what was shown [at each Fashion Week], but they will add their own style.

She can’t be in long knit skirts, as she’s moving all the time in and out of taxis and cars. She can’t be fussy or pulled back by fashion. She tends to like her hands free—this idea of wearing handbags that you wear in the crook of your arm is not for her. She likes backpacks and larger bags because she has a lot to put in there. Aries tends to love pants, which give her ease.

Aries’ colour: Red 

April 20-May 20

Taurus loves natural fibres. She wants cashmere and cotton, but when it’s cotton, it’s the finest cotton that almost feels like silk. She buys investment pieces—this is a financial sign so they think [fast fashion] is a waste. You’re going to find her in Bergdorf Goodman, not H&M.

She tends to love neutrals. You will rarely see Taurus in bright colours. She’s ruled by Venus, so all her style is expressed through texture; she’ll wear a beautiful angora sweater and wool skirt. She tends to have an hourglass figure, but she’s modest and doesn’t like to flaunt her décolletage. She’ll wear nothing glaring.

Taurus’ colours: Taupe, beige, sand, charcoal, black, chocolate, and light browns

May 21-June 20

Gemini is the sign of the accessory and of separates. She’s better at it than any other sign. She gets bored easily, and she can never wear the same outfit again and again, so she tends to like separates for this reason. She likes dresses too, but she spends more on accessories than any other sign.

She’s the one who goes to the store with a new runway photo and asks the saleswoman, “Do you have anything like this? I love this look.” But she’ll put it together herself in her own way. She really does the research. 

Usually she has all this stuff she carries around, but she does it very elegantly. This trend toward lower heels will help Gemini because she’s always on the move and walks a lot.

Colours: Pale yellow through a deep gold

June 21-July 22

Cancer is romantic. She wants to look like a Valentine, and she wants to look like herself: super-feminine. She likes lace, a ruffle here and there. But she wants to look very approachable. She wants to look warm—she won’t wear structured blazers as much as she will cardigans and soft sweaters, because they’re more approachable.

 Colours: Sea green, smoky blue, with a little luminosity

July 23-August 22

She wants to get a lot of attention to herself. She wants to make more of an entrance than any other sign. Leo is dramatic, and wants designer clothes. She would rather have fewer things in the closet that are more beautiful, the latest up-to-the-minute designs, all exquisitely made.

Leo has some of the best accessories; she always makes sure her accessories add to the look and don’t detract from it. She has a whole collection of sunglasses.

Colours: Purple, gold, and scarlet

August 23-September 22

Virgo is modest. This is the sign that works the hardest of any other sign; she needs something comfortable because she’s working very long hours. Virgo also rules the stomach, so that skin-baring midriff look has to go to Virgo.

Their mantra is that God is in the details, so she loves buttons and zippers. She’s the one who goes to the tailor to get everything fixed; that’s why her clothes look couture even though many of them are off the rack. She needs versatile clothes that will take her through a lot of circumstances.

Colours: Hunter green, teal, and grey

September 23-October 22

She likes more feminine things, very polished and clean, like she just stepped out of a shower. She tends to have a more curvy figure, so she needs a dress with some shape and structure, and she likes belts.  She likes real jewellery. She does not like costume jewellery!

Colours: Pastel, pale green, cream, yellow, and pink

October 23-November 21

She loves beautiful leather. Buttery leather, a leather jacket/coat, bags—just anything leather, and it’s usually black. She loves dark lingerie: the garter belt, the stockings, all of it. She will have a beautiful lingerie collection—she spends a lot on it, and she thinks it’s totally worth it. She will go into the boardroom wearing this beautiful lingerie made out of silk and lace underneath her outfit. And it’s usually imported. 

Colours: Black, maroon, and eggplant

November 22-December 21

Sagittarius wants things she can toss in the washing machine. Sagittarians tend to be very athletic—she’d look good in a paper bag, because she just has a great body. This is the international travel sign, so she needs a lot of packable things and separates. She’s the one always going far, far away; you can drop her out of an aeroplane and she looks like a native within two days. She will bring things back from other countries and start wearing it. There’s a chic, offhand ease about her clothes.

Colour: Purple

December 22-January 19

She tends to look like she has old money—even if she doesn’t. She dresses like Grace Kelly: She wears the sweater sets, she admires the pinup girl of the ‘50s, and she loves antique heirloom jewellery. She tends not to be fussy. She can wear a simple sweater with a long skirt and make it look fantastic.

Colours: Caramel, butterscotch, and off-white

January 20-February 18

Aquarius will wear things that people might wear on the moon. Wearable tech is going to be first picked up by Aquarians; they love electronics. She’s very idiosyncratic; she simply doesn’t care what the contemporary styles are, and she’s usually ahead of everyone else. She’s wearing all this different fabric that you haven’t even read about it yet, and designers are looking to her for trends. She has her own yardstick for attractiveness.

Colours: Neons and dark grey

February 19-March 20

She’s incredibly romantic. She likes chiffon, gossamer, that whole Cinderella thing with the full skirts. She loves to go to thrift stores and find vintage designer pieces. She loves to dress up.

Also, she needs a lot of shoes—but she keeps wearing the same shoes because they’re comfortable. The ones that are broken-in are the ones she will keep wearing! She is the Carrie Bradshaw of the Zodiac.

Colours: Pale blue, lavender, violet, and pure white

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