The 5 Party Pieces That Are Already Selling Like Crazy on ASOS

No one wants to purposefully put themselves into that awkward same-dress situation at a party, but when our inside sources at ASOS tell us a few key items are currently selling by the truckload for the festive season, it's wise to pay attention. From our analysis, it appears that the style hoards are all just as keen as we are to step away from the obvious party-dressing rules and regulations and inject a little personality, newness and fun into the proceedings. This doesn't mean you can't rely on the classic formula of an LBD and heels, but the party-wear scene has opened up and is more varied than ever. So why not make the most of a good thing?

From the accessories that have 2017 written into their DNA through to the layering technique that instantly puts party frocks into the present day, we've delved into the e-commerce giant's stats to guide you through their offerings. The twists and tweaks you can apply to your after-dark wardrobe means no two outfits will ever be a carbon copy—even if you do end up buying the same slip as your best friend. We all know that working out how to shop on ASOS when you're time-poor and distracted by a thousand-and-one other things can be tricky, so consider this a fast track to your festive look. Keep reading to see the items that are flying off the virtual rails…

1. knee-high party boots


Courtesy of ASOS

Style Notes: Party shoes are all well and good, but party boots? Well that's a very clever idea indeed. A neat way to keep warm and make a bold statement at the same time, is it any wonder that festive knee-highs (think metallic leather, sequins and embroidery) are being bought by the coolest girls?

2. silver anything and everything

Style Notes: Jeanette Friis Madsen (far left) and our editorial director have both snapped up the silver sequin ASOS Edition Drop Waist All Over Sequin Midi Dress (£150) that's going great guns on the site right now. Sparkle this season really does revolve around silver tones, so if you invest in one item for the party season, make it something in this metal.

3. party power sleeves


Courtesy of ASOS

Style Notes: For girls who like their hemlines high and their statements loud, these bold-sleeved cocktail dresses are proving to be very popular—with the ASOS Edition Cocktail Mini Dress (£65) being the leader of the '80s-inspired pack.

4. statement suits

Style Notes: ASOS's insider, Debbie Shasanya, picked out this striped suit first, pairing it with mismatched boots and some statement earrings—the perfect work-to-cocktails combination, don't you think? Plenty of other girls agree, with many swapping dresses this Christmas in favour of two-piece tailored get-ups.

5. zebra prints


Courtesy of ASOS

Style Notes: Forget florals, leave leopard print for a second and focus your attentions on another print that's flying out of stores right now: zebra. We all know monochrome works easily with most of what you wear, but there are more colourful zebra-print pieces making tills ring too. Add a red coat—like this ASOS Balloon Sleeve Coat (£110)—to a zebra dress and hear the compliments roll in.

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