5 Experts on How to Shop ASOS and Not Get Overwhelmed

Who doesn’t love shopping on ASOS? It’s basically an Aladdin’s cave for fashion lovers—it has everything, and we mean everything. But whilst that’s amazing 99% of the time, it’s one per cent not. Because sifting through it all can take some time—a lotta time. Type in T-shirt, for instance, and it comes up with (currently) 12,184 styles. That’s right, over twelve thousand. And that’s only one core wardrobe item. So we’ve come to the conclusion that every girl—no matter how sartorially skilled—can get overwhelmed when scrolling through the vast reaches of ASOS, and that it’s okay to admit as such. However, we also know there are some tactics for getting the most out of the e-tailer, so we’ve called in on our experts for a bit of help. Keep scrolling to read the fashion insiders top tips on how to shop ASOS.

“They are beautiful pieces which are a bit more luxurious than the cheaper options.” — Charlotte de Carle, model, presenter, DJ

“Always select your size first when you begin a search. One downside to ASOS is how popular it is and how fast everything sells out. So many times I’ve found myself in the situation where I find things I’m obsessed with but they’re not available in my size. If you filter your search with your size you’ll save a lot more time.” — Doina Ciobanu, The Golden Diamonds

Curve’s selection of dresses is so good right now.

“They give you a fabulous idea of how your pieces will move when you wear them—the silhouette is everything.” — Anna Madsen, fashion writer for Vogue Italia

Particularly helpful for pieces that are a lower price point.

“When in doubt, do it. Chances are you will never bother to send one size back if it’s not perfectly right; whereas if you have spent money twice, you will frog march yourself back to the post office.” — Camille  CharrièreCamille Over the Rainbow

Shoes are always best bought in two sizes just in case.

“Don’t buy cheap sunglasses. They often don’t have the correct UV protection, so invest in a branded pair, or something more worthwhile with longevity instead.” — Anna Madsen

A decent checked blazer is still worth its weight in gold.

“Doing this on your Insta is a great way of seeing ASOS products styled-up creatively by bloggers, making you more inclined to purchase previously overlooked items.” — Kelly EastwoodThe London Chatter

“I always think of something that is missing from my wardrobe and go from there. Like dungarees. Type that in and search.” — Charlotte de Carle

Lilac is one of those things you probably haven’t invested in yet but is a key colour for spring 2018.

“I always look at the back-in-stock section, as they’re guaranteed to have an already popular edit curated for you by your fellow ASOS shoppers.” — Kelly Eastwood

Strapless and backless bras always sell out when they work well—this one being key.

“I find ASOS has the best selection of lace-ups and other flat shoes. Keep an eye out for original footwear that you won’t find elsewhere.” — Camille Charrière

These comfy sandals have just arrived again, and they won’t hang around.

“Look to celebrities whose style you admire; remember they have expensive stylists. Kendall Jenner, for instance, constantly re-uses her favourites, like her One Teaspoon ripped jeans and Anine Bing cropped tops and bras. ASOS is a great place to copy her style—for less money.” — Anna Madsen

It’s the printed dresses that ASOS’s high-profile crowd is enjoying right now.

“Go to the festival category, for instance, and then alter the price range to what you’re willing to pay. Then, at least, you don't see the expensive pieces you can’t afford.” — Charlotte de Carle

Top tip: ASOS’s swimwear is really reasonable.

“The right accessory always looks good whether it costs £5 or £500, and ASOS has such a huge selection of them. From chokers to fishnet socks and statement belts to hair flowers for festivals, look for the cool accessory trends of the season and then get them from ASOS.” — Doina Ciobanu

“A low price tag can be alluring, but sales are not an excuse to buy things you won’t wear. A good exercise is to ask yourself if you would have been tempted to buy it at full price. If not, reconsider.” — Anna Madsen

Also a good idea to look through the more premium brand’s sale offering.

This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

Opening Images: @camillecharriere@asos_kicki and @asos_lesley

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