5 Experts on How to Shop ASOS and Not Get Overwhelmed

Who doesn’t love shopping on ASOS? It’s basically an Aladdin’s cave for fashion lovers—it has everything, and we mean everything. But whilst that’s amazing 99% of the time, it’s one per cent not. Because sifting through it all can take some time—a lotta time. Type in T-shirt, for instance, and it comes up with (currently) 12,184 styles. That’s right, over twelve thousand. And that’s only one core wardrobe item. So we’ve come to the conclusion that every girl—no matter how sartorially skilled—can get overwhelmed when scrolling through the vast reaches of ASOS, and that it’s okay to admit as such. However, we also know there are some tactics for getting the most out of the e-tailer, so we’ve called in on our experts for a bit of help. Keep scrolling to read the fashion insiders top tips on how to shop ASOS.