From Paris to London, This £28 ASOS Skirt Is Starting to Trend

Many must-haves on the fashion circuit can skyrocket well into the thousands when it comes to price tags. For some, that is entirely realistic. For others (myself included), not so much, which is why I appreciate it when a trending item comes along that is not only affordable but inclusive in all other ways too: Cue the ASOS slip skirt that gently nods to a rising movement for neon colours without being garish, hits a sweet shopping basket addition spot at just £28 and comes in sizes 4 to 30.

In the past week, we have spotted this slinky slip of a thing on four cool women whose personal tastes couldn't be further apart. Billie is Stylist magazine's fashion news editor and is often spotted in the greatest sneaks and streetwear. Olive is an ASOS insider who favours racy prints and barely there silhouettes. Marissa is a London-bred Paris-based influencer (who also happens to be a Who What Wear UK columnist) with a truly classic, elegant wardrobe. Elizabeth, another ASOS Insider, has paired hers with a timeless trench coat and knee boots. All four of them have chosen this one standout piece, whether they're hitting up the streets of PFW or holidaying in Tulum. Versatile, eh? 

Keep reading to see and shop the slip skirt, as well as some other winning ASOS pieces available now.

ASOS neon green slip skirt:  ASOS Olive wearing it with a crop top in Tulum



ASOS insider Olive wore hers with a teeny tiny crop top for a day out in Tulum—so you know this skirt has literal mileage.

ASOS neon green slip skirt: Marissa Cox of Rue Rodier wearing it with a chunky knit and strappy sandals



For her latest WWW column, Marissa chose to wear this neon skirt with strappy sandals and a chunky knit—the ultimate spring combo.

ASOS neon green slip skirt: Billie Bhatia wearing a white top with sneakers


@moeez via @billie_bhatia 

Billie gave her ASOS skirt a makeunder with trainers and a sporty crewneck sweatshirt. Love the jolt of orange, too.

Elizabeth's taken this skirt for a more wintry spin with a cable knit sweater, boots and trench.

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