This ASOS Model Makes Me Want to Buy Everything on the Site

It’s as important for fashion brands to cast the right models for their e-commerce outfit snaps as it is in their blockbuster campaigns, but more often than not we shoppers are too darn busy to really notice if the lineup changes or if one girl has cooler hair than the other, for example. A lot of the time the savviest labels will use models who subtly remind their audience of the moment’s famous, fashion-conscious chicks, but recently this one mega-babe on ASOS has been luring me in. She’s been subconsciously calling my name and unwittingly playing to the fact that she’s my complete opposite: She’s got a peroxide bob, brown eyes, strong brows, and a quiet but ever-present tan. She's also super slim and is obviously really tall. Some ladies have all the luck. But in short, she’s making want to buy everything she wears on the site.

Meet Dominika Grnova, a London-based Slovakian beauty signed to Next Models who has actually been working for the site for two years now. She appears to be ASOS's go-to for the more grown-up, Scandi-cool styles from the likes of Weekday and is the current girl representing ASOS's upscale White line. Well, we do have expensive taste, don't we?

Scroll down to shop some of my favourite Dominika looks on ASOS right now…

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