How ASOS Insiders Always Find the Best Pieces First

Anyone who has an Instagram account will know that the app can be a powerful shopping tool, and no other brand has harnessed this quite like ASOS. The affordable site has assembled a team of insiders across the world to share constant outfit-of-the-day pictures, heavily featuring ASOS (of course) and captioning the images with product codes so followers can quickly find them.

ASOS is brilliant in so many ways, but it can sometimes feel impossible to find what you want on the site, as it is so enormous. So we turned to a number of insiders to find out their tips for finding the best pieces first and the looks they are really into at the moment. And what's even better is that there appears to be an insider to suit every kind of personal style.

Scroll below to meet ASOS's most stylish team members, and discover their secrets to finding the best pieces first.

Lesley (@ASOS_lesley)

London-based Lesley is ASOS's beauty insider, so she'll make you want to buy as many lipsticks as dresses.

On Lesley: ASOS Swing Camo Jacket (£50)

Tip for finding the best pieces on ASOS:

"I'm a regular stalker of the new-in pages. They're updated daily with fresh garms, so that's where I usually start. If there's a trend I'm loving, I'll just type key words into the search bar at the top of the page to see what's on offer. My recent searches are aviator glasses, embroidery and gingham."

How to search through the thousands of pieces:

"Using the filters is so necessary. I'm an impatient browser, so I like to sift out options I know won't work for me by selecting my favourite colours, styles, price range and size. I'm also more of a browse-now, buy-later kinda gal, so I always tap the heart on pieces I'll inevitably return to on payday."

Favourite section on ASOS:

"I'm a lip-colour hoarder, so my most-clicked link is the makeup tab in the beauty section. When I'm not perusing for a new lipstick, 'Denim' and 'Looped' steal my attention."

On Lesley: ASOS Sheer Smock Mini Dress in Spot Mesh (£48)

One go-to outfit in a hurry:

"It tends to be something casual. Belted mom jeans and a sporty tee are usually within the mix with some heeled boots and an aviator jacket to make it look like I've put in more effort than I've had time for."

Your current fashion obsessions:

"Pink hues, china blues and raw-hem anything."

Alice Barbier

Alice is based in France, and she is a minimal, classic dresser wearing interesting shirts, blue jeans, men's tailoring, chunky knitwear and trainers.

On Alice: Mango Striped Shirt

Tips for finding the best pieces on ASOS:

"I have my favourite brands that I check once or twice a week, such as ASOS White, Weekday and House of Sunny."

Favourite section on ASOS:

"The new-in section is always my favourite."

On Alice: Weekday Striped Shirt 

Your one go-to outfit in a hurry:

"Vintage mom 501 jeans, a boyfriend T-shirt, a long check blazer and a nice pair of pointed heeled boots."

Your current fashion obsessions:

"I'm really into ruffles right now but also mom jeans for a while—I have more than 30 pairs of them!"

Sara Thomas

Anyone who loves the '70s will adore Sara Louise's vintage-inspired style. Her Instagram is like a time capsule to the latter part of this bygone boho time.

ASOS insiders: Sara



On Sara Louise: ASOS Wrap Top With Ruffle and Lace Insert (£32)

Tips for finding the best pieces on ASOS:

"I save all my favourite brands in my saved items so I remember them!"

Your one go-to outfit in a hurry:

"Anything patterned, a maxi with a waistcoat or a good pair of jeans with a boho top and waistcoat."

Your current fashion obsessions:

"Coloured-lens sunglasses—especially yellow ones!"

On Sara Louise: Nobody's Child Jumpsuit With Tie Shoulders in Daisy (£18)

Kicki Yang Zhang

If you're obsessed with sportswear, then you need to follow photographer and videographer Kicki.

On Kicki: ASOS Blazer

Tips for finding the best pieces on ASOS:

"If I'm not looking for a specific item, I usually type in a colour, pattern or a material that I like, for example, 'orange,' 'stripes' or 'mesh.'"

How to search through the thousands of pieces:

"I really like the filters ASOS has on the website. I usually use the one for size so I don't even see anything that won't fit me."

ASOS insiders: Kicki



On Kicki: Monki Patent Padded Coat (£52)

Your go-to outfit in a hurry:

"All black. Always works!"

Your current fashion obsessions:

"Wearing a black outfit and then adding statement pieces in bright colours like yellow, orange or red."

Hannah Anderson

Hannah is a musician based in L.A., and she describes her style as "frilly tomboy." She's usually wearing jeans and stompy ankle boots on her Instagram.

ASOS insiders: Hannah



On Hannah: ASOS Denim Top With Sleeve Detail in Off White (£38)

Tips for finding the best pieces on ASOS:

"My number one tip would be to figure out what it is you're looking for. Browsing is always a nice option, but it can be endless on ASOS because the selection is so massive. When you know that you're looking for a top or pants in a specific colour or a specific type of cut, it's very easy to hone in, as they have amazing search options. Otherwise, ASOS always has different trends featured and lists all of the relevant items, which is really great."

How to search through the thousands of pieces:

"I always search the new-in section and use the 'what's new' option. Then I just go through every subcategory—for example, coats and jackets, shoes, etc.—and do the same on those pages. Sometimes it will pull up different new items or you'll see items you may have missed with the more broad search."

On Hannah: ASOS Design Mini Checkerboard Bowler Bag in Mono (£20)

Your one go-to outfit in a hurry:

"A solid pair of jeans or trousers, a tee and some platform shoes or sneakers depending on my mood."

Your current fashion obsessions:

"For years, I've only ever worn dark colours, but I've been very into brights and patterns recently. I can't get enough."

Key buys:

Every wardrobe needs a khaki jacket.

Wear this checked blazer over a basic with tee and jeans or style with the matching checked trousers—this will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe.

The perfect striped boyfriend shirt? We say yes.

Add edge to your pretty printed dresses and slip into a pair of chunky trainers.

Opening Image: @asos_lesley

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