The 4 ASOS Trends You'll See Everywhere This Autumn

Out of all the fashion sites I visit on a regular basis, ASOS is by far one of the most comprehensive. Think of almost any search term or trend and you know they'll have it covered, which is great news when it comes to planning our autumn capsule wardrobes. There's a lot to choose from this season (just check out our trend guide), so we've done the hard work for you and picked out four key looks ASOS is nailing this autumn.

So what should we be looking out for? Leather (both real and faux) is already leading the charge, with everything from leather skirts to leather trousers coming to the fore. However, it's the leather dress that's making its presence felt on ASOS right now (we have our eyes on a black minidress and the collared pink iteration). Shoe-wise, cowboy boots have been carried over from last season, but this time they're more paired back (well, except for a curveball zebra-print pair), so expect monochromatic colourways and a bit of tan mock croc.

Other highlights include colour-pop organza pieces (an ideal pairing with jeans and heels for a night out) and, at the other end of the spectrum, a host of clean-lined tailored pieces that not only look super premium but will also have longevity in your wardrobe. Scroll down to see and shop our ASOS autumn trend edit.

1. Leather Dresses

ASOS autumn trends 2019: Lotte in ASOS dress



Style Notes: It might not seem appealing right now, but in three months' time, you're going to be pretty thankful for the leather dress and its insulating warmth and statement-making style. 

ASOS autumn trends 2019: Kat in ASOS boots



Style Notes: If you're looking for a pair of boots to carry you through the wet days of autumn while still looking polished, cowboy boots are the trend for you. They'll go with everything from midi dresses to denim.

3. Organza Fabrics

ASOS autumn trends 2019: Ada in ASOS blouse



Style Notes: Organza is the unexpected trend that has taken off over the last six months, but we're fully invested in its whimsical appeal. It's exactly the sort of thing fashion girls will want to wear with jeans on a Friday night.

4. Tailored Staples

ASOS autumn trends 2019: Syana in ASOS suit



Style Notes: Sometimes you have to strip it back to basics, although these buys are anything but boring. From trenches to shirts, ASOS is delivering so many chic tailored staples right now. No one will know they all cost less than £70.

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