Wait, Ashley Olsen Just Made Wedge Ankle Boots Cool Again

Ashley Olsen is never one to shy away from trends. From sheer dresses to treggings, she always puts her own signature stamp on the looks du jour, and today's outfit is no exception. At first glance, her outfit is standard Olsen: loose dress, oversize bag and big sunglasses. But her choice of footwear is what caught our eye.

Olsen wore wedge ankle boots—which we haven't really seen on other celebrities or fashion favourites lately—and it's definitely piquing our interest. We recently highlighted the resurgence of wedge mules, so you might as well jump on board with the wedge ankle-boot style too. Scroll down to see her full outfit and shop the trend.

Ashley Olsen in Wedge Ankle Boots


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These are a higher version of Ashley's boots.

See? We knew the Olsen's could make anything cool again.

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