The Under-£100 Arket Buy I Constantly Spot in the Coolest Homes

If you weren’t already obsessed with homeware at the beginning of last year, we’re willing to assume that you are now. After all, spending inordinate amounts of time in our spaces over the last few years has turned even the least domestic of us into proud interior-decorating fanatics. But no matter how much we’d like to completely renovate our abodes, many of us are restricted by size, time and budget, and starting from scratch is often unrealistic. But rest assured—you needn’t necessarily reach for the paintbrush or invest in costly furniture to give your home an update. Sometimes, the smallest things have the power to alter your perspective completely, and that can certainly be said of this trending homeware buy.

Arket Blanket: @sineadcrowe styles her Arket blanket on her bed



As part of our jobs, we’re constantly scrolling through Instagram (someone’s got to do it), and there’s one piece, in particular, that keeps popping up in the coolest homes: an Arket blanket.

Devotees to the minimalist style hotspot will already know that Arket boasts a thoughtful interiors edit, featuring sleek vases, plates, glassware, and textiles. But the brand’s standout homeware buy is undoubtedly this blanket, featuring a stylised foliage motif that comes in an array of colours. Made exclusively for Arket by Swedish woollen mill Klippan Yllefabrik, this blanket is a thing of beauty that has caught the eye of many interiors enthusiasts over the past couple of years—so much so that our friends at Arket say it has been an unexpected best seller, having sold out more times than anyone could have predicted.

Arket Blanket: @sineadcrowe hangs her Arket blanket over her sofa arm



The ultimate sofa and bed updater, this blanket will breathe new life into pared-back furniture or old bedding without breaking the bank. It proves to be a great picnic blanket in summer but will keep you toasty in winter. And as its track record would suggest, the latest drop of this Arket blanket won’t stick around for long. Scroll below to try your luck, and browse the other Arket homeware items currently on our wish list.



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