Trust Me—These High-Street Beauty Products Smell as Good as Any Luxury Ones

You might already know Arket as the place to find chic but generally inexpensive basics. The high-street store, launched in 2017 by the H&M group, has cornered the market on offering a minimalist dream with a Scandinavian edge. The pieces are trend-led and therefore manage to stay true to current looks, yet they'll also tick the box of being classic staples for seasons and years to come. What you might not know is that Arket is also a great place to go for beauty products. It doesn't have a huge range, but what it does offer, it does well. 

Available in its collection are hand balm, hand lotion, body lotion, body wash, hand wash and scented candles in a variety scents, including vetiver (my personal favourite), geranium, oakmoss, neroli, and rosemary—all of which smell way more expensive than the price point. Ready to see and shop more? Keep scrolling.

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