Your April Horoscope Has Arrived—And It’s Really Good

Natalia Benson is a Los Angeles-based tarot and astrological expert, designer, creative, and DJ. True to her astrological assortment (Aries sun sign, Capricorn ascendant, Sagittarius moon), she finds inspiration from a number of creative outlets, including running her namesake jewellery company and DJ’ing under the name WHITEHORSE. Benson will be sharing her insights exclusively with Who What Wear readers every month.

With the sun journeying through the fiery sign of Aries until April 19th, we are all filled with a youthful tenacity reflective of the energy of spring and new beginnings. April 1st is exquisite, as three major planets create a Grand Trine in Fire, and give us a boost of passionate, forward-moving energy.

Scroll down for your horoscope, a a companion Tarot card to further illuminate the energies of the month for you, and a shopping pick to pair with your horoscope. Enjoy  and happy spring!

Your Horoscope: 
Happy April, Aquarius. This month highlights your home, family, and foundation. You have no major transits (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) at the time, so maybe you can consider this a bit of a rest month for you as you “nest and rest” in your home sector. This transit asks you to put your home affairs in order—maybe rearrange your bedroom, buy yourself some new plants, candles or dishware, anything that makes your home feel extra cosy. Getting lots of sleep and nurturing yourself is also exemplified here. I have a feeling this year has already been extremely busy for you, so make sure to take advantage of these chill vibes during the month of April, because May will be a whole other story!

Your Card: Knight of Wands
?Interestingly enough, the Knight of Wands represents coming changes, passion, and fiery energy around the realm of creativity and what you are creating in the world. As I stated in your astrology above, nest up in your home, and get yourself ready for all of the activity coming your way. Knight of Wands always heralds in changes that occur for the better and activity that keeps you busy and motivated.

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Your Horoscope:
Happy Solar Return (birthday), dear Aries! This month your theme revolves around health, vitality, and your ability to be in the moment. Has there been a new health regimen you have been meaning to implement? Maybe healthier eating or finally trying a new class at the gym? Yoga is an excellent practice for you during this transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac)—it takes care of your mind, body, spirit, and your ability to be present with any discomfort, which gears you up for any challenges in your life at this time. You’re being asked to “be here now” in all that you do. Try your best to not divide your attention in so many directions. Founding a new health regimen, healthy eating routine (green juice on the morning commute anyone?), and maybe even some meditation could work wonders for you this month. Be bold & try something new when it comes to taking good care of yourself!

Your Card: 2 of Wands - Dominion
?You are filled with fire, determination, and passion this month Aries! But what’s new? This card is a Mars in Aries energy, and ironically in astrology, Mars is your ruling planet, so you are right at home here! Put your creativity and passion to action. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself: What do I love, and what am I waiting for?

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Your Horoscope:
This month may be a great time for you to travel, dear Cancer. Travelling can open up all sorts of doors in the mind and really inspire you. Foreign travel is what this transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) highlights. Don’t have time to fire up the passport this month? That’s OK. This month can also be an excellent time to try a different spiritual practice, study, or philosophical pursuit. If you’ve been feeling worn down lately, make sure you are taking excellent care of yourself. You’re often quick to nurture everyone around you, qne often forget about taking care of yourself first. Try a morning meditation or yoga class this month if you can’t hop on the next flight to the French Riviera.

Your Card: Art
?Interestingly enough, the transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) I am highlighting above for you is the 9th house, which is ruled by Sagittarius in Western astrology. Internal travel is just as important as external. Take time to get to know the inside you—as I said above, a morning meditation technique or trying a new yoga class can be a great way to do this.

Your Horoscope:
Hi, Capricorn. This month communication and short distance trips are highlighted for you. How is your communication? Is it time to take a quick trip out of town to clear your head or spend time with someone close to you? Sibling relationships can also be addressed here or any relationship that engenders a close, perhaps sibling-like bond. There is what’s called a Grand Trine happening in your sign at the time I write these reports between Neptune, Venus, and the moon. Neptune is where we dream, Venus is where we love and create, and the moon is how we feel. Capricorns are very powerful people, yet you have Neptune, the planet of softer, spiritual energy journeying through your sign for a long time. This could be a time where you are lightening up a bit, learning to let go and trust a bit more, instead of having everything under your thumb.

Your Card: 4 of Disks - Power
?This is a perfect companion card to your astrology this month. The 4 of Disks Power is a unique way of looking at power, in that power is not just control, power is also being able to go with the flow and trust the intuition too. When this card comes up, it is asking you to take a look at and even redefine your relationship to power. Very strong message for you this month, dear Capricorn!

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Your Horoscope:
Hey Gemini, this month has the ability to be very deep and powerful for you. Geminis sometimes like to keep it on the lighter side of things because of the nature of your ruling element: air. Your major transit (a transit is a specific astrological event involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) this month circumvents around intimacy, sexuality, transformation, and money. Sound fascinating? This transit usually is! This can be an incredible month for some really powerful intimacy, as well as even some good luck around snagging that guy you’ve been eyeing at your favourite haunt. With the Part of Fortune transiting Gemini, you could also be extra fortunate right now, maybe an unexpected bonus, inheritance money, or good luck finding an intimate mate. Let these things come to you—you won’t need to look for them or make them happen!

Your Card: 9 of Disks - Gain
?This card goes nicely with your above horoscope. Open yourself to receiving any and all good things coming your way this month, Gemini. Remember even as you are “gaining,” be sure to give. Perhaps do a random act of kindness or find a non-profit you love and volunteer this month.

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Your Horoscope:
Hi, sweet Leo. I have a feeling you feel really on top of your game this month. Career is highlighted for you and you might be feeling incredibly good about how things are going. As an added bonus, Jupiter the planet of luck, blessings, and expansion is hanging out in your sign until August of this year. What are your goals Leo? What dreams have been coming true for you as of late? Do you know what your dreams are? Do you feel excited about life right now? If yes, awesome. If no, tap into the wisdom of your heart (Leo does rule the Heart after all), and ask yourself what you love and what you’d like to do about it. Even small, simple steps are an excellent way to begin.

Your Card: 8 of Disks - Prudence
?The card for you this month, Leo, is a great counter balance to all of the fiery passion happening with your astrology right now. The 8 of Disks is about patience and planting seeds. Even as things are going at a fun, lightning pace, it’s also offered here to pause, reflect, and think about seeds you are planting for the future. On the other hand, if things are not moving as fast as you’d like them to, dear Leo, the 8 of Disks asks you to be patient with the process! There is a sacred timing to everything.

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Your Horoscope:
Hi, Libra. This can be a very powerful month for you for many reasons. First, the sun is transiting (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) in your opposite sign of Aries, so with that being said happy half birthday! This opposition can be fascinating simply because your consciousness as a Libra is the exact opposite as that of an Aries, so when a powerful planet like the sun is travelling and putting all this energy in your opposite sign, you definitely feel it. And that’s ok, because the same happens for Aries during your birthday! Your transit this month represents your unconscious self, so getting deep on the how’s and why’s of what you do. Do you remember your dreams? Dream journaling can be an excellent way of getting to know your unconscious self this month. I recommend upon waking writing down everything you can about what you remember in your dreams. This is fascinating process, and it can really help you balance out your energies this month, which as a Libra, I know you like to do most!

Your Card: 8 of Wands - Swiftness
?Your card this month represents clear communication, overcoming misunderstanding, or just letting yourself be heard. Has there been something you’ve needed to express? Now is a safe time to do so. The 8 of Wands represents our ability to bring situations or experiences to peaceful resolution simply by expressing our truth. Not ready to speak your mind? Journal. Perhaps write a letter to that person or situation to get it off your chest, but never send it. It’s worth a try.

Your Horoscope:
?Hi, Pisces. This looks like a really fun month for you. Your transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) this month highlights lovers, fun, and romance. It asks: Do you let yourself have fun? When was the last time you did something outside of the box? What are your attitudes towards lovers, love, and romance? Maybe this a good month to explore yourself creatively, romantically, and sensually. This can be done with a partner, lover, or alone. Try something outside the realm of what you typically do, and see what you discover about yourself there. You have an asteroid called Chiron travelling through your sign; this is an energy of healing according to Western astrology. This could even be a great time to heal any pain around fun, love, and romance. All in all, enjoy yourself and celebrate. That is what this month is for.

Your Card: 7 of Cups - Debauchery
I like this as a partner card to your astrology this month, Pisces. It speaks in not overindulging! So even as there is a lot of fun and freedom for you this month, stay balanced. As in, don’t miss work Monday morning because you gallivanted to the Swiss Alps with the lover you met at the bar Friday night!

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Your Horoscope:
Hi Sagittarius! Happy April to you. This is a powerful month to focus on your finances and self worth at large. You could be re-stabilizing yourself financially, paying more attention to the money you do have and how to make it grow, or even making more money this month because you are feeling so productive. With a transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) like this, there’s also a deeper message: Money can be reflective of our unconscious attitudes of our own self worth. I’ve had a teacher tell me, “When you feel like a million bucks, you make a million bucks.” The message here is this: Love and value what you do with your time and energy. You will feel vibrant and your creative capacity will be off the charts. I’ve heard that the employees at Google are extremely well taken care of—sort of like an employee’s utopia with yoga, healthy food, and a very free flowing work environment. This transit represents that: When you feel loved, taken care of, and valued, you are more productive. Perhaps this is a new perspective, but give it a try this month.

Your Card: 3 of Cups - Abundance
?This card is a perfect companion to your astrology this month Sagittarius. The 3 of Cups is a card of over flowing good vibes and the word “abundance” is just what you are tapping into this month. An abundance of energy, love, money, and time. Make sure you share the wealth. Enjoy!

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Your Horoscope:
This is really your month, dear Scorpio, to just be yourself. Who are you? Or who do you see yourself being? This transit (a transit is a specific astrological event or moment involving how the planets are moving around the Zodiac) represents your sense of self and your ego at large. Are you aware of who you are and how others perceive you? Do you do your best to be kind or at the very least considerate of others? As a Scorpio you hold a lot of power, and it’s important that you are aware of how you show up to the world. With the Ascendant in your sign at the time I am writing these reports for April, you’ll have a lot of eyes on you this month. Show up in a loving way, and utilise your power for good, not evil.

Your Card: The Aeon
?This card represents seeing things from the higher perspective. You could also be undergoing some extremely powerful changes in your life, which are asking you to release the small petty stories of the past in order to embrace the exquisiteness of a higher perspective. It’s worth a try.

Your Horoscope:
Hi, Taurus. The energy surrounding you this month has to do with your one-on-one relationships—these can be marriages, partnerships (business, social, or intimate). How well do you relate to others? Are you willing to see other P.O.V.’s other than your own? With Venus (your ruling planet as a Taurus) travelling through your sign this month, she brings with her harmony, beauty, peace, and even a graceful kick of creativity to how you work with others as well as yourself this month. Feeling extra romantic or perhaps like you’d like to do something nice for someone you love? You should. This is an excellent time to show appreciation and Venus, the goddess of love, is on your side.

Your Card: The Universe
?With The Universe card showing up as your card this month, you may want to ask yourself: Where in your life can you go with the flow and trust just a little bit more? Not everything has to be 100% under your jurisdiction and control—even though we know you can do everything the best! Let go of something stressing you out. Consider trying this meditation: Sit quietly in a chair with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes, and take a deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Count your inhalations and exhalations until you get to ten—your first inhalation is one, your exhalation is two, your next inhalation is three, etc. When you get to ten, start over at number one again. Do this three times in a row, or until you feel more at ease.

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Your Horoscope:
Hello, Virgo. This month highlights the realm of friendship and people at large for you. Have you been taking time for friendships that matter to you? Is there a friend who could use your help? Or perhaps, has there been a class or group meeting that would benefit you or humanity at large? Take time to invest in a friendship that matters or perhaps one that has needs a little work. Or take time to try out a new peer group—go out with a different group of friends, try that interest group that you’ve been wondering about, and witness how well you work or don’t within group dynamics. You can discover a lot about yourself here. 

Your Card: 10 of Disks - Wealth
?This card pairs well with your astrology this month. It’s a Mercury in Virgo card and ironically your ruling planet as a Virgo is the planet Mercury: perfect! The 10 of Disks asks that you share your inner riches outwardly. This is not a time to hide in your shell, but rather share who you are. It also makes point of what true riches actually are—the boundless internal energy within us.

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