Would You Wear the Watch Apple Just Announced?

In case you've been living under a rock today, the Internet is collectively spazzing over Apple's announcement this morning that they are releasing their first-ever watch. Not only does it tell time, but as is the case with most wearable tech, the accessory serves many additional functions: You can text with it, take calls, and check email, amongst many other neat tools.

Apple is far from the first technology company to announce plans to release a watch; Samsung, Moto, and LG already have versions set to hit the market. But Apple's claim, as per usual, is that it's made the tech watch sleeker and more well-designed than ever before. Starting at $349, the watch comes in three different editions and claims to have two million different available faces. It is expected to be available to buy early 2015, and you'll need an iPhone 6 if you plan to use the watch too.

Head over to Apple to read more about the new watch, and keep scrolling to see some of the cool designs they've released!