How It's Made: Anya Hindmarch's A-List Adored Crisp Packet Clutch

We don't know if Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, Solange Knowles and Diane Kruger all share a love of crisps, but we do know that they're all more than happy to tote the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet clutch bag. 

This cheeky little piece of arm candy (or should that be arm snackery?) has become something of a red carpet phenomenon. Look closely, and you'll see that at most major fashion events at least one girl is carrying the British designer's tongue-in-cheek creation.



Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch

Just three of the many hues and finishes you can now get of the Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet clutch.

What started as a one-off, whimsical addition to Anya's ever-expanding empire has now established itself as a pillar of the brand's offering. Alongside the everyday totes and covetable leather stickers, the Crisp Packet clutch has become an instantly recognisable smash hit that never fails to start conversations. You can now find versions in a rainbow of metallic colourways as well as a literal rainbow, iterations in glitter and there's even an option dipped in 18-carat gold, you know, just in case.

These must-haves may be light-hearted, but as we've discovered at Anya Hindmarch HQ, creating the Crisp Packet clutch was a feat of engineering…



Courtesy of Anya Hindmarch

There are countless processes required to make the British brand's standout evening bag.

"Our Crisp Packet clutch is a piece quite literally inspired by a packet of crisps and my love of giving everyday items a luxury treatment by incredible craftsmen. It was a real labour of love," Anya Hindmarch explains. "It is a perfect little clutch and actually a little piece of art. It is really modern, and a sort of forever classic I think."

Why so difficult? Well, in order to get an authentic shape, Anya and her team had to scan a real crisp packet: "Our 3D scanners in Sheffield were the first company in the UK to start this type of process and work mainly with the automotive industry. They use up to 100 cameras mounted on tripods to take 360 degree photos of any given object all at the same time," Anya explains.

Watch the making of Anya Hindmarch's Crisp Packet clutch:

"It was quite exciting to see it in action. Then we took the scanned models and cast them and worked with the most amazing second generation minaudière maker in Florence. They are the masters of this craft. It is very complicated, as it is completely asymmetrical and took many goes to get right." 

Go through the gallery to see a range of the celebrities who have carried this style, then shop one for yourself…