Fact: This Fashion Blogger Has the Most Unique Style We've Seen in a While


Original Graphic by Alison Yousefi

Welcome to Who What Wear UK's first-ever Wellness Week. With that "back to school" feeling in the air we thought what better time to hit pause and reset on the health and happiness of you and your wardrobe. From the good mood-making outfits no one would ever feel sad in to the savviest ways you can update your look with little-to-no cash, the psychology of our purchasing habits to getting your sleepwear lined up for some extra z's, check back all week for a daily boost of style success.

If there's one girl who never fails to make me smile with her outfit choices, it's Anum Bashir of Desert Mannequin. In a sea of social media same-same, she stands out for her joyful wardrobe and ever-present grin or refreshingly comical poses, and makes my feed a far cheerier place. Such a rare combination in this supposedly "serious" business might sound like she couldn't possibly be über-chic—but hold that thought, because this rising style star manages to walk the line between looking entirely sophisticated and having a nonstop fun fest with her varied, personality-filled closet. It's basically the holy grail of personal style, and we have so much to learn. In the spirit of our fashion-based Wellness Week, we thought who better to fill us in on happy outfit-making than this Doha-based guru?

Keep reading to see the looks Anum shot exclusively for us, and to get her insights into creating a more uplifting style for yourself.