This Lingerie Campaign Is Completely Airbrush-Free

With diversity picking up apace across both the fashion and beauty industries, this could well be the year that naysayers will start to ease off the concept that it's a novelty trend, and instead these modern practices will start to become the norm, leading to gaping holes in the statistics books closing up.

This super-cool set of campaign imagery for one of the hippest lingerie brands on the planet, Baserange, certainly sends out a good message. The Danish-French label has become popular for its soft basics with ecological and sustainable credentials, but now you may find a deeper level of interest thanks to this photo shoot where airbrushing was strictly forbidden and the girls cast were not officially models, but "regular" girls.

"We don’t retouch any of our images because we want to show women just as they are... These are women who are charismatic and confident and comfortable with their body," co-founders Blandine de Verdelhan and Marie-Louise Mogensen explained to Who Wha tWear UK, noting that the global response so far has been hugely positive. "We think it's important to give women more space, maybe a platform to be themselves, more than dictating a narrow way of being." Cheers to that, ladies!

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