Ditch Your Foundation and Try These Anti-Ageing Alternatives

We tend to ask a lot from BB creams. Not only do we need them to be a perfect balance between a moisturiser and a lightweight foundation, but they’re also expected to be an antioxidant, a brightening serum, and an SPF. If we’re lucky, they also can be anti-ageing. The idea is that you achieve your skin but better, subtly blurring away imperfections and enhancing your natural skin tone. Again, it’s a lot to ask from one product, but there are many anti-ageing BB creams on the market that promise a multitude of benefits.

BB creams are effectively skin tints that offer creamy light to medium coverage for daily wear—not to be confused with CC (colour-correcting) or DD (daily-defense) creams. The "BB" stands for "beauty balm," and they are rich with proactive ingredients, including peptides and antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C.

So what do you need to look for in an anti-ageing formula? There are various BB creams suited for both oily and dry skin types. For anti-ageing, SPF is one of the key ingredients, and wearing a BB cream can help you remember to wear an SPF every day, another anti-ageing bonus. 

Personally, however, I do struggle to find a BB cream to match my brown skin tone. Often made with a subtle one-shade-fits-all pigment (or not) and SPF, they can sometimes leave a grey, shadowy cast on brown skin tones. Brand shade ranges have gradually improved over the years, but there's still some way to go in catering to the deepest skin tones. Bobbi Brown (which has always offered an extensive shade range) has a solid BB cream for dark skin tones, and while not technically a BB cream, Glossier's skin tint is a great lightweight foundation for darker skin.

Here are 18 anti-ageing BB creams worth trying this winter.

This BB cream from Korean skincare brand Erborian is made from a blend of Asian herbs and ginger for a pick-me-up for the skin.


This skin tint comes in 12 shades, and Glossier says, "In the land between bare skin and makeup makeup exists the imperceptible wash of colour that is Perfecting Skin Tint." It's a light consistency, and a thin layer subtly evens and gives a glowy finish.

We are all for multitasking products, and this is a moisturiser, foundation, and SPF all in one. 

This is an oil-free formula that is designed to minimise pores and fine lines.

This product claims to have seven benefits in one, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, evening skin tone, and brightening.

Apply this all over the face in place of a foundation or moisturiser.

Cult Beauty says Nyx Professional Makeup is consistently one of its most-searched-for brands, and this lightweight BB cream has 12 shades.

You shake this product each time you use it to freshly mix the ingredients.

This tinted balm is targeted toward reducing the signs of tiredness and stress. But note it is only available in two shades.

You can wear this under makeup, and it, again, is an SPF, moisturiser, and serum all in one.

Just apply one to two coats for lightweight coverage.

This is hydrating thanks to hyaluronic acid and Gatuline RC.

The trick with this BB cream is that it uses Transforming Tint technology to adapt to your skin tone. While that's a bold claim, its non-greasy formula is said to smooth lines and plump skin to help reduce the look of wrinkles.



Available in five shades, Pixi's Beauty Balm offers medium to heavy coverage. Containing hyaluronic acid, this hydrating balm is said to help even out discolouration and improve your skin tone. 

Apply all over your face to help tighten and smooth skin.

Available in seven shades, Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream is a favourite amongst beauty lovers. Whether used under foundation as a primer or on its own, it adds moisture, helps protect against UVA/UVB rays, and minimises shine with no chalky finish.

This BB cream promises 24 hours of hydration with its "your skin but better" formula.

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