Annie Lennox: The Most Underrated Fashion Icon of the '80s

During the 1980s, Annie Lennox's style could have easily been shadowed by louder, more attention-grabbing pop-star ensembles, but I'm urging you to take a step back in time and revisit the underrated looks of the Eurythmics lead singer. Lennox was by no means shy and retiring in the fashion stakes, and her more masculine lilt on the decade's top trends means that today her style seems less costume and more realistic—to the point, in fact, where I'm convinced some current street style moves could be charted back to her.

Where much of the '80s was extravagant (Dynasty, diamonds, silk-satin), mumsy (Princess Di) or overtly charged with sexuality (Madonna's underwear-as-outerwear ruled) Annie walked a groundbreaking line in a different way. She would appropriate suits from the boys, take them off the rack and choose to style them big, baggy and with bravado. Her hair was cut to the shortest shock of interchangeable bleach blonde or orange. The makeup? Reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust. As for her skills in the accessorising department, any woman who can flourish a giant trench coat with a single red carnation and not look like a clown or wear a matching leopard-print stole with a pillbox hat and still seem entirely chilled is a hero in my books.

When I was young, I viewed Lennox's wardrobe as something alien, and I couldn't help singing "Walking on Broken Glass" on repeat, but looking back now, there's a wealth of fashion gold to be mined. Whether for reference points and inspiration as fashion continues to dip into the 1980s archive or for how to wear a trouser suit like a total boss.

Keep reading to see the best Annie Lennox style moments—and note the 2017 trends she ticked off along the way.