What Haters? Anne Hathaway Has Won Us All Over Again

I confess I've never been a real Hatha-hater, so I didn't need much winning over. The extreme vitriol thrown at her and her, well, cheeriness, has always seemed to me to be totally off base. You just don't mess with my Mia Thermopolis like that, ok? She got me through a lot growing up, so when everyone started picking on her, I felt it was my duty to respond. People didn't really want to listen. The common complaint is something along the lines of "she's phony," which is just vague enough that you don't need real evidence. And "phony" isn't universal—it's a tough characteristic to capture on the screen without contest from someone (like, you know, me). 

But when a video of Hathaway popped up recently showing her giggling uncontrollably on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I knew that the phony-flingers would finally be out of ammo. This was no act—it was pure enjoyment, mixed with a healthy dose of self-mockery. And what was so funny? Hathaway had described the utterly tragic, dreary plot of her new movie Song One at warp speed, as if reciting a list of groceries. Both her and Stewart noted the irony, and burst into laughs. Cracking up at inappropriate moments? Sounds pretty real and human to me!

On a superficial level, her style has also taken an awesome turn for the more chic and minimal. So, if you just can't get behind her (winning) personality, then at least give her new fashion MO credit where credit's due!

Check out Hathaway's latest and greatest looks, below.