Anna Wintour's Earliest Style Moments Are Just Golden

Anna Wintour's young style was surprisingly bold. When the powerful editor was rising to prominence and becoming a FROW regular, Wintour's business attire was put to good use. Her evening choices were glitzier than one might think (hello, rainbow dress) while day-to-day office looks remained on par with today's ladylike style (Chanel skirt suits and an ever-present string of necklaces).

The bob has always been in position. Sunglasses crept in during the '90s, and her trusty Manolo Blahniks were a fixture in even some of the earliest outfit snaps. Despite some high-octane '80s combos, this woman has always known what suits her when it comes to shapes, designers and colours. Go through the gallery to see a young Anna Wintour's fashion looks in action.