Anna Wintour on How to Be the Best Boss Possible

We recently shared the qualities held by Anna Wintour’s ideal employees, and now the Vogue editor in chief is opening up about her own management style and what makes for the best boss. As first reported by Quartz, Wintour discussed the topic with André Leon Talley in the first episode of Vogue’s awesome new podcast, citing her father as the ultimate inspiration:

“I was able to see my father for many, many years—he was an editor for as long as I have been [an editor]. … I learned how important it is to lead and be decisive and to, in a way, empower other people to do their best. And I think that’s really what I’m proud of in [the September] issue, is that a lot of freedom was given to a lot of people, and they all came back trumps.”

And what’s the best way for a boss to handle any slip-ups?

“We have made mistakes, but you try and learn from your mistakes. And the most important thing is always to move forward and, I think, empower people to do their best and to lead. I think people respect that and work better under those circumstances.

“I was just discussing a similar situation at lunch yesterday, about what makes a great political candidate. And I feel it’s energy, it’s vitality, and the sense that you’re going to lead people in a direction that maybe they haven’t been before and didn’t know that they could achieve.”

It’s wonderful advice, and fascinating given how often she’s portrayed as scary or intimidating to work with in the media. If this advice is any indication, the reality of working for Wintour at Vogue is much different.

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