Here's What the Inside of Anna Wintour's New Office Looks Like

Outside the limited little world of the island of Manhattan, it might not be huge news that Anna Wintour and her entire Vogue crew have just relocated from their longtime headquarters at 4 Times Square to their new offices at 1 World Trade Center. But if there's one thing you'd probably want an inside glance of, it's the editor-in-chief's new office, right?

Well, Vogue's editor-in-large Hamish Bowles snuck a peek into Wintour's new digs, and decided to share the scene with all of Instagram. "#vogueWTC #firstday Anna's office and a #windowcleaner with #nofearofheights giving me #vertigo #OneWTC @voguemagazine," Bowles captioned the snap.

Take a look at Wintour's brand new office above, sky-high window washer and all! Do you think Vogue will be different now that their offices are in downtown Manhattan? Sound off in the comments below!