Anna Wintour's First Public Statement on the KimYe Cover

We feel like we do nothing these days but talk about Kim Kardashian, and as much as we might wish that weren't the case, she just keeps coming up in conversation. Today, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour finally made a public statement on that controversial cover from April of this year, and her sentiments aren't exactly as positive as you might expect.

"I see the role of Vogue to reflect what’s going on in the culture," Wintour said during a talk at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. "The first celebrity that I put on the cover of Vogue was Madonna, and that was considered completely controversial at the time, too. It’s such a long time ago probably no one remembers, but she was a very controversial figure. Now she’s part of the establishment. I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine! Nobody would talk about us."

It sounds to us like Wintour is suggesting that Kim and Kanye might not be the most tasteful cover, but that it certainly got people talking, which is something she values and considers part of her job. She continues:

"It’s very important that people do talk about us. Going back to Estée Lauder’s decision to make Kendall Jenner the face of Estée Lauder. What a fantastic decision that was! They have a wonderful brand that’s very traditionally American, and they decided they want to shake it up and reach a different audience. Now and again one has to do things like that. I think it’s part of the excitement and part of being a journalist. I hope another Kim Kardashian comes along this year!"

Wow. Essentially, Wintour is acknolwedging what all her haters said from the moment the cover came out: Kim and Kanye don't necessarily embody the high-fashion reputation Vogue has long been known for. But what Wintour is also saying is that it simply doesn't matter. They get people talking, and that keeps the publication relevant. We think she's kind of brilliant for understanding this.

What do you think of Vogue's decision to put KimYe on the cover! Sound off in the comments below!