These Candid Photos of Anna Wintour With Her Family Are So Sweet

We're sure even Anna Wintour is quite aware of the reputation that precedes her—that she's a buttoned-up, somewhat cold, and possibly even mean "editrix." who presides over the most preeminent fashion magazine in the world. Well, there are a few family photos from Wintour and her clan that show a very different woman.

The editors at Huffington Post found a treasure trove of photos of Wintour and her family, culled from her daughter Bee Shaffer's Instagram feed, and we're smitten with how different the no-nonsense fashion icon appears here, compared to how we're used to seeing her. She shows herself to be a warm, happy, and light-hearted person who adores her family. 

More proof of Wintour's soft side? In Alastair Campbell's new book, Winners and How They Succeed, she confirms that she keeps her private life completely separate from her public one.

?"I don’t have a high-powered life out of work," Wintour explains. "I like to go to the country for the weekend with the kids and the dog, and play tennis. I am very good at turning off. I don’t like the city at weekends, I have a garden I adore, a life that is very private—the polar opposite of all of this.”

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