The Comeback Jewellery Trend We Weren't Expecting

There are few other trends that can claim to be literally thousands of years old, but the anklet is up there with the most ancient of ancient fashion items. It's been a pretty bumpy ride for this small piece of body jewellery over the centuries (if your mother never told you, well, look it up!), but the anklet has regained some directional ground for spring 2016.

First up: Francisco Costa gave sneakers the anklet treatment for Calvin Klein's ode to the '90s: These chunky chains came threaded through the loop-tags of equally chunky skate sneaks. It's a trick you can easily emulate for free.

Calvin Klein S/S 16


Victor Virgile/Getty Images

Pernille Teisbaek wears her gold ankle chain with chic Chanel pumps.


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Meanwhile, Rihanna has been stacking 'em up like there's no tomorrow, piling fine trinkets upon fine chains until her court shoes look as though they've acquired some seriously decorative ankle straps. Other high profile fans include Miranda Kerr and Ashley Olsen. Über-blogger Pernille Teisbaek likes them so much she's basically got one tattooed on her left foot and wears a gold chain on her right—now that's dedicated.



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Style Notes: Gucci's backless loafers create a wide open space for anklet action.

So the anklet is stepping back into vogue and they're becoming a part of the standard offering from many jewellers, which means—hey, presto—you can get hold of a chic one very easily. No hippy friendship bands here, thank you.

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