Profiled: Designer Anine Bing on Dressing Kendall, Rosie and You

Chances are, even if you don't know you're looking at Anine Bing clothing and/or accessories, you'll quickly recognise them. That lace bralettes and camisole tops Kendall Jenner so favours? Down to her. Those studded ankle boots Gigi Hadid wears everywhere? And again. The denim cut-offs every blogger and model in the world wants to keep a secret? Yes, you've guessed it.

In elite circles, and most certainly within the Los Angeles fashion set, this downtown label has been an important name to know since launching in 2012. Anine's bohemian rocker-girl style has been honed over the years via her involvement in many facets of the fashion industry—model, blogger, designer—and her understated aesthetic instantly struck a chord with those who share a love for the kind of throw-on clothes that demand nothing more from you than a flick of mussed-up hair and someone to take a decent Instagram shot.

World domination isn't far off for her empire—she already has over 300 boutiques stocking her worldwide (including Oxygen Boutique in London with Harvey Nichols to follow soon), a UK-friendly e-commerce site of her own, plus plans to open a store in our capital by the end of this year. To celebrate the fact that we don't need to buy plane tickets as frequently in order to purchase, we caught up with the lady herself. Keep reading to see our interview with the influencer-turned-fashion-mogul, then continue to shop some of our favourite current pieces…


Courtesy of Anine Bing

In her L.A. HQ.

WHO WHAT WEAR UK: What was it that prompted you to set up your own label?

ANINE BING: I could see something was missing in the market, and I wanted to create a high-end brand but with a "see now buy now" approach, so I decided to step away from traditional seasons and work with immediate and weekly drops. I wanted to respond to the modern woman’s fashion needs… a combination of luxurious basics and statement pieces.

WWW UK: What would you say is the brand's USP?

AB: All items are so easy to mix and match, and I believe that if you have a few select Anine Bing pieces they will take you a long way. They are easy to wear—they feel comfortable and stylish.



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WWW UK: How do you go about designing?

AB: I only design pieces I would like to wear myself, and once my team and I have finished the drawings and sketches, we send them off to our factories in Turkey. We receive samples and once approved we go into production. We’re normally six months ahead of time, and we move really fast. We can have pieces made in four weeks, which gives us an advantage to act once we’re in a season.

We work with monthly collections and launch new styles every week! It is a new way of working with fashion design, but I love it. There is always something new and exciting to invest in.

WWW UK: Does anyone in particular influence you?

AB: I honestly can’t choose one person! I love street style, and I get inspired by so many women. It can be someone I see on the streets on my way to pick up my kids from school or some of my friends. I also love reading magazines and going to flea markets.

WWW UK: If you had to pick three items this season that really sum up the brand, what would they be?

AB: The Suede Pants With Lacing: the colour, fit and the lacing makes for a great statement piece. The Tulle Dress: I’m crazy about the the length and the feminine detailing. Also, I’m such a denim girl, and I love the new, updated looks we’ve got this season. I’m now all about a higher waists, frayed hems and patchwork.



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WWW UK: How did you come to have such a celebrity following?

AB: I think they liked how versatile the clothes were and how easy they are to wear. Some of the pieces really make a statement while others are easy to slot in with items you already have in your wardrobe. I started selling my line in some of the best stores here in Los Angeles, and stylists and tastemakers got their hands on the clothes early on.

WWW UK: What goes through your mind when you see shots of Kendall Jenner wearing your garments?

AB: It’s very flattering, and I get so happy every time I see a woman wearing my line. Celebrity or not. It honestly doesn't matter.

Who What Wear UK: Do you know anyone else who wears a lace bralette out and about like her?

AB: Haha, no, but she might have started a trend here so who knows—we might see more of it in the future.



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WWW UK:  What would you say are the biggest differences between girls in L.A. wearing your designs and girls in London?

AB: If I had to generalise, I would say that the L.A. vibe is a bit more relaxed and bohemian, whereas London is more classic and pulled-together.

WWW UK: Do you have a poster-girl as such, someone particular who just always love seeing wearing your clothes?

AB: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—she is such a beautiful woman, and I love her style.

WWW UK: How do you shop for yourself?

AB: I only wear my own line, so I never shop! Except for vintage Chanel bags. I just love them, and over the years I’ve started to build quite the collection.



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WWW UK: What could you not live without this summer, fashion-wise?

AB: A great swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses!

WWW UK: What's next for the brand?

AB: We’re opening more Anine Bing stores, and next is our concession store at Harvey Nichols and a store in Barcelona and Brussels! I’m so excited about the next few months, and I can’t wait to show you our pieces for fall.

Go through the gallery below to shop some of our favourite Anine Bing pieces available now…

These are the lace-up pants at the top of Anine's personal shopping list.

Make like Kendall and layering this over a tee.

Two jackets for the price of one? Count us in.

This is a handy day-to-night number for your holiday wardrobe.

Everyone online is obsessed with these ankle boots.

These tap into all of the key denim trends right now.

The chicest weekend bag we've seen in a long time.

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