Trust Me—This Skirt Trend Will Always Be in Style

Animal prints have proven themselves to be sound style investments. Regardless of the season, they always manage to crop up in designer collections while dominating the high street in just about every guise you can think of. Shoes, bags, coats, dresses—they've all been given the animal-print treatment. Though, perhaps no animal-print buy is quite as versatile as an animal-print skirt.

Animal Print Skirts: @femmeblk wears a knitted tiger skirt with a black racer vest



Just this week, we've clocked a host of Instagram dressers wearing their animal-print skirts; so much so it has practically become the foundation of the fashion insider's summer uniform. Worn with everything from simple racer vests to trending jackets and shirts to bra tops, animal-print skirts go with just about any top you can throw at them. The style set seems especially partial to wearing theirs with a neutral palette, but that isn't necessarily the route you need to take—we think animal prints can look exceptional with bright colours, too.

Animal Print Skirts: @monikh wears a zebra print skirt with a safari jacket



There are also brighter iterations of animal-print skirts to choose from. From Faithfull the Brand's now-reduced wrap style with an orange base to Aligne's cutesy sunshine-yellow ruffle mini, you needn't stick to beiges and browns when it comes to selecting an animal-print skirt for you. For maximum outfit mileage, first, consider what it'll work within your wardrobe, and if you can think up a handful of pieces you already own that you can wear it with, an animal-print skirt might be the missing piece from your warm-weather fashion line-up.

Animal Print Skirts: @ruerodier wears a leopard print skirt with a black bra top



To help you find the perfect animal-print skirt for you, we've rounded up our favourites for you. Scroll on to see them, and soon, you'll wonder how you ever got dressed without this perennial piece at your disposal.


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