Holly Willoughby's Stylist Just Gave Me the Best Fashion Advice

As a fashion editor, I’ve prided myself on being sure of my style. But as the weeks have gone on and I’m still working from home, I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m a bit confused about my wardrobe right now. (Okay, so we’re not in full lockdown anymore, and being outside is a much more realistic pass time, but I’m still not wearing the same clothes as I used to.) Even if you’re already back at your usual desk in the office, restaurants, pubs and bars are still a no-go, so there’s little opportunity to dress up. While I occasionally wear dresses, I’m still finding that I’m turning to the more comfortable items. But how do you make that look cool? Speak to a stylist whose wardrobe you love. 

Angie Smith might not be a name you know immediately. But she’s the reason why Holly Willoughby looks so great on This Morning and why we’re often left coveting the TV presenter’s outfit. If you didn’t already gather, Smith is a stylist and an incredible one at that. But it’s not just her clients who look good, she also has an enviable wardrobe herself. Since lockdown started, I’ve spent even more time than usual on Instagram (no, I will not be looking at how much time I spend on the app). And a lot of that time on Instagram is spent looking on accounts of cool women who have managed to adapt their style effortlessly and Smith is one of those women. I spoke to her on how her wardrobe has changed, what her best advice for getting dressed right now is, and which brands she rates. Time to get your notepad out…

angie smith lockdown outfits


Courtesy of Angie Smith

“I’ve always been a casual dresser and that hasn’t changed when it’s come to lock down, I guess you could say that my wardrobe has really come into its own.”

“I’ve been wearing a lot of sweatshirts but I make sure I change them up and layer different T-shirts or vests under them if I want a different kind of look. My favourite is a cropped white sweatshirt by Bassike that has a button-through back and sleeves that start off wide at the arm bit and taper in. Now it’s getting colder in Sydney I’ve been wearing a chunky knit with vintage denim, I have an & Other Stories one that’s a lovely oatmeal colour in a really chunky knit that reminds me of autumn days in London.”

“I’m definitely shopping less, I’ve always been an advocate of buying carefully so you get lots of wear out of your wardrobe.  I don’t think I’ve bought anything new since lockdown. It’s such a weird time, I think it will make a lot of people think about how they spend their money and buying quality that will last over quantity, someone told me a great quote the other day ‘quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.’”

“People use fashion and dressing for all sorts of reasons, it’s such a beautiful form of self-expression that I think when things are tough in life it can help people feel good as it’s such an important part of your identity. 

“I love having a clear-out. It’s one of the best parts of my job, especially when I meet a new client and help them clear out all the pieces that have been sitting in their wardrobe for years and not getting any love, so either giving those pieces to charity or showing them how they can wear them. I did a clear out in January and I’m probably due another one now!

“My favourite brands that offer quality that has stood the test of time in my wardrobe are Bassike, American Vintage, The GREAT, Lacausa, Fat Face, Assembly Label, James Perse, J.Crew, Arket, Marks and Spencer and Toast.”

Now keep scrolling to see some of my favourite outfits Smith has worn recently and shop her looks…

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