Angela Scanlon's Red Carpet Style Advice to Use in Real Life

To start the new season right, allow us to excitedly introduce the latest fashion expert on Who What Wear UK: Angela Scanlon. Named "One to Watch" by Vogue, this highly sought-after TV presenter, journalist, stylist and generally all-around lovely girl we'd like to be (or at the least share wardrobes with) will be on site to dish out monthly fashion tips you can instantly take into your wardrobes. From the scoop on getting red carpet ready to her tricks on nailing tricky trends and the new labels she's discovered on her travels, you'll find it all here.

Over to you, Angela!


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The red carpet is a scary place. And the BAFTAs red carpet is about as big as it gets (like the Oscars but freezing and with worse traffic). The photographers are loud, the PRs are pushy and it’s generally a glitzy, manic dream/nightmare depending on what side of the rope you're on…

Choosing something to wear is tricky at the best of times. Will it stay up? What knickers do I wear? Can I actually walk in these? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

Tomorrow I’m hosting the BBC’s red carpet coverage of the biggest showbiz event of the year. While most people consider their outfit for the inevitable shots, I’ve got to think about SO much more… How will it look on camera? Is there room for snacks? But mostly how will I prevent frostbite? 

Scroll down for my red carpet tips you can completely employ on any night out…

Tip #1: Give new shoes a pre-spin.

Footwear is key (obviously), but attempt to wear them around the house in advance so you don’t get what I call the flamingo walk going on once you go out.


Tip #2: Do a 360-degree check.

Try your full look on and check all angles in the mirror. Perhaps it looks amazing from the back; show that bad boy off.

Tip #3: Don't ignore your underpinnings.

Victorians wore corsets, your nan wore a slip; if you have to wear Spanx, suck it up (or should that be in?) and pull them on.

Tip #4: Look out for pockets.

Brilliant for storing heat packs and sweets… but also for looking relaxed in any outfit.


Tip #5: Go for fitted clothing.

Although I’m lethal for anything oversize (I love oversize clothing!), it should be avoided at all costs—it won't photograph well, no matter how great you feel in it.

Tip #6: Strike a pose.

Never give the thumbs up while being photographed. My awkward inclination is to pull faces. I urge you not to do the same!

Tip #7: Steer clear of prints at all costs.

Avoid prints. I know, I know, I’m a big fan too, but they just don’t feel right on the red carpet. Clean lines and colours always make the most impactful entrance.


Check back soon for Angela's next fashion tips and tricks!

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