This & Other Stories Jumper Is About to Explode Onto the Fashion Scene

We're all familiar with French’s obsession with denim and ballet pumps and the Italian’s fixation of standout trends like leopard print and feathers. However, there’s one thing us Brits know better than anyone else, and that’s good knitwear.

When you consider the fact that we spend 90% of the year bundled up underneath a jumper, it’s little wonder that must-have knits are snapped up almost instantly. From Ganni’s cult-status Julliard pullover to Mango’s open-weave wonder, many a key knit have passed me by over the years. So when I saw a particular & Other Stories jumper begin to gain momentum, I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake again.

In love with & Other Stories’s signature knits? Then you’re probably going to like this Zara jumper too.