The 9 Specific Beauty Products I Buy From & Other Stories

When Scandi retailer & Other Stories launched in the UK in 2013, it was the beauty section that caught my eye. In the past, the high-street fashion stores have always had pretty feeble beauty offerings, but & Other Stories was different. It had enlisted cult perfume brand Byredo’s founder Ben Gorham and world-renowned makeup artist Lisa Butler to consult on the fragrance, skincare and colour offering. Six years later (time flies, huh?), the beauty products are still brilliant on so many levels, from the design and price point to the product efficacy.

Next time you’re browsing the dresses, shoes or accessories (I mean, they’re all good), why not pop some beauty products in your virtual basket too? With free shipping over £120, a beauty buy could basically save you money, if you think about it.

If you’re not sure what to choose, let me guide you to the best nine beauty buys & Other Stories has to offer.


Creamy yet long-lasting, the lipsticks are rich in skin-softening oils and punchy pigments. We’re hooked.

Not everyone can stretch to an Aesop hand soap; this makes for a chic alternative.

Made for Instagram feeds and bookshelves everywhere this limited-edition candle doesn’t just look good; it smells divine too. It will fill your room with jasmine, vetiver and other joyful smells for 45 hours.

At just £4 each, these mini hand creams are a steal. You can essentially afford to kit out every handbag, desk drawer and bedside cabinet with one.

Everyone needs a dry shampoo in their life, and this one was designed in Los Angeles. It absorbs oil, leaves hair smelling fresh and doesn’t leave a residue. You can’t really ask for much else from a dry shampoo.

A rich, warming fragrance that could be a luxe niche find. It belies the under £30 price tag.

Long-lasting and easy to paint with, these polishes come in some seriously cool shades (19, to be precise) like Raven Futé, pictured.

There’s little more versatile in the beauty world than a cheek and lip tint, which, let’s be honest, you can use as an eye shadow at a push. These blend easily for a beautiful flush of colour.

There are body exfoliators out there are akin to being licked by a kitten; then there are those that live up to the name and actually scrub away dead skin. This falls in the latter camp and comes in a variety of scents.

Next up, six things the fashion team thinks are always worth buying from & Other Stories.