This Mask-Proof Lip Stain Is Exactly What I've Been Looking For

There's a few items that have been mocking me recently, one being my handbags (I haven't used one since March) and the other being my lipsticks. The creamy, highly pigmented lipsticks that sat so prettily on my lips and left red marks on glasses and napkins. Just to remind everyone of my presence. 

These lipstick marks are neither cute nor romantic when they're found on the inside of a face mask and smudged way past my lip line. So, I've been looking for a lip colour alternative that's low maintenance but still looks like I've made an effort. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills seemingly heard my pleas as they recently released their Lip Stain (£19). The collection of waterproof, matte and pigmented stains don't shift or leave behind a trace of colour on your mask.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain: Product shot



First up, the shades. Honestly, I was more concerned with how the formula held up but I was actually most impressed by the 6 colours. This is probably the first product range where all of the shades have suited my dark skin tone. Even the Hot Pink. There's usually, always a dud for me and I was pretty shocked that they all worked. 

When I applied the stain with the doe-foot applicator, it felt like all I had on my lips was water. It dried quickly and I was left with the coveted ice-lolly stained lips that everyone seems to want to replicate. 

Of course, the real test came when I popped my face mask on and headed out. When I came home I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pigment was still on my lips but there wasn't a hint of it on my mask. It was also really comfortable to wear too and I'll be opting for this instead of a liquid lipstick. 

It's probably kiss-proof but as I have no-one to test this on, I'll leave you to go forth and report back on that front. 

Keep scrolling for the other ABH buys that I keep in my makeup bag.

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I've been in an exclusive relationship with this pen ever since I first tried it. It gives me natural looking, could-well-be-microbladed brows and all I have to say is that it better not be discontinued. Ever. 

This palette includes all of the wear-for-any-occassion shades that are usually the first to hit pan in other palettes. It has the perfect ratio between matte and metallics and packs in the pigment.

It's hard to believe that a makeup brush can be be classed as iconic, but this one is. When eyebrows became a big trend a few years ago, this brush was the secret to everyone upping their brow game. Myself included. 

If you've been searching for the ultimate highlighter, look no further. A light dusting can provide a subtle lit-from-within look but if you build it up then you get a bolder finish than the usual pressed powders.

There's some products that will go down in beauty history and this is one of them. Seriously, what were we even doing with our eyebrows before this? Dipbrow came to show us that if you've not been blessed in the eyebrow department, all hope isn't lost. A true hero.

Up next, skincare-infused makeup is the biggest beauty trend of AW20. 

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