I'm Officially Mourning the Loss of My Favourite-Ever T-Shirt

There are good T-shirts, and then there are great T-shirts. While American Apparel has been derided over the years for its blatantly overt imagery and the behavior of its controversial former leader, Dov Charney (the less said about that, the better), I have to admit that I'm in a jersey crew neck–related spin over the fact that I can no longer buy the brand's perfect tees. American Apparel, as you may already know, is no longer on British soil. All stores have closed, and e-commerce has been cut off from the UK. I've been able to bob along with the existing tees I bought some time ago, but reality is finally catching up with me.

While I was never fan of the disco pants (too tight, too shiny), tube dresses (too tight, too clingy), crop tops or skater skirts (too tiny, too tweeny) I was and still am a big fan of their soft-touch T-shirts. The two I own—both in different shades of marl grey, because they go with everything—have actually lasted well over seven years, and they still don't look worn out. They've been on photoshoots, travelled the globe and even met Victoria Beckham. With an eagle eye, I can spot anyone else wearing one because there's something about the fabric and cut that sits just right. It was one of the first fashion things Who What Wear assistant editor Elinor Block and I discovered we had in common. She too has a light grey marl version she wears at least once a week.

American Apparel T-shirts are fashion-editor approved


Phill Taylor

Me and the American Apparel Tri-Blend tee in happier times.

So what's a girl to do? Well, you could start by checking out our edit of the best affordable T-shirt brands as a quality backup plan. But you could also get really savvy and seek out the exact same tees on Amazon—just be warned that finding the right size in the colour you want can prove to be tricky. Aside from that, I'd recommend taking an S if you're a size 10. A fellow enthuasiast recently left the below review: "I have now bought eight of these tee shirts over the years and will carry on doing so." Me, too, hun. Me, too.

Shop my favourite colourways below, wear them to death, and thank me later.

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Opening Image: The Style Stalker