You'll Always Get Compliments When You Wear This Type of Perfume in the Winter

Best Amber Perfumes



When colder weather is upon us, we often find ourselves overhauling any and every ritual associated with the warmer months. On the fashion side, that means developing a new rotation of shoes and replacing tanks with sweaters. Where beauty is concerned, it can mean swapping your lightweight, gel-based products for a heavier skincare routine. Sometimes, we find ourselves so immersed in other endeavors that it can be easy to overlook the need to swap our summery fragrances for the best perfumes of the season. That being said, the task becomes pretty easy once you’re in on the secret behind compliments all winter long: amber perfumes. 

Okay, so what’s an amber perfume, and why do you need it? Do you know how, every year, certain things leave you with a warm, cosy feeling (maybe it’s a song or a movie)? Amber perfume is that feeling in a bottle, which explains why people will immediately flock to you when you’re wearing it.

In truth, amber is often not an actual perfume ingredient but instead is a full-bodied, savoruy scent created with the combination of some key ingredients. Think comforting touches of vanilla and patchouli. In a nutshell, it’s your “cuddle up by a fire, happy place” fragrance. You won’t be short of amber perfumes to fall in love with, if you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve rounded up the 10 you should consider first below.

1. Byredo Vanille Antique

Key notes: Freesia, plum, amber, cashmere woods, Madagascar vanilla beans, cistus oil

Sprtizing Byredo's Vanille Antique (one of Byredo's luxe scents in the Night Veils collection) makes me think of liquid gold. Think golden syrup laced with vanilla. The addition of freesia and cashmere woods keep it from being too sickly—its on of those scent that will radiate off your skin and have everyone asking you what scent you're wearing.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key notes: Black pepper, juniper berries, leather accord, orris, violet, black amber, patchouli, vanilla

2. Mugler Alien

Key Notes: Sambac jasmine, cardamom, orange blossom, cumin, cashmeran, amber

Mugler’s amber fragrance, Alien, was introduced as a follow-up to the brand’s best-selling Angel perfume. Its intricate blend of white amber, Indian jasmine, and woodsy notes will leave you and passersby hooked in an instant.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot, cotton candy

3. Christian Dior Ambre Nuit 

Key Notes: Bergamot, Turkish rose, ambergris, cistus labdanum

Many amber perfumes are considered to be unisex, and Dior’s Ambre Nuit is one of them. With amber as its main accord, you’ll be gently met with hints of citrus, floral, and spice. Described in reviews as warm and inviting, this is one to pull out year-round.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Ylang-ylang essence, damascena rose essence, jasmine sambac, Grasse jasmine

4. Jo Malone London Violet & Amber Absolu

Key Notes: Violet, oud, white musk, amber

Those partial to powdery scents will fall in love with Jo Malone’s Violet & Amber Absolu. As the fragrance melts into your skin, you'll be met with touches of violet, oud, and amber. This perfume may lean a tad more floral than warm, but the end result remains a woody fragrance that will reward you with compliments for days.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Madagascan vanilla, cardamom, grapefruit tea, vetiver, vanilla bourbon

5. Burberry Her 

Key Notes: black currant, blueberry, raspberry, jasmine accord, violet accord, musk, dry amber

While Burberry’s Her is decidedly more fruity than most in the family of amber perfumes, it's a treasure not to be overlooked. Perfumer and creator Francis Kurkdjian described the scent as “his interpretation of a floral-fruity theme with gourmand undertones.” 

Another Favorite From the Brand

6. Van Cleef & Aprels Ambre Impérial

Key Notes: wood, benzoin, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, pink pepper, bergamot

Ambre Impérial has all the qualities of a true amber perfume, complete with the sweetness of vanilla and the warmth of spice. It's smoother than most, and those who love strong oriental notes will be sure to love this scent.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Cocoa, patchouli, vetiver, Turkish rose, pink pepper, black currant

7. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

Key Notes: Jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, ambergris

ICYMI: Baccarat Rouge 540 has already amassed a huge cult following since its release in 2015. It's easy to see why, as Francis Kurkdjian (known for creating fragrances for Giorgio Armani, Dior, Kenzo, and more) is the mastermind behind the line. Captivating from beginning to end (this scent will last on the body for a long time), this unisex fragrance starts with a sweet, burnt amber aroma and finishes with a pinch of salt and wood.

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Benzoin, rose honey, incense absolute, ylang-ylang, cumin, atlas cedarwood, sandalwood

8. Montale Amber Musk 

Key Notes: sweet amber, powdery notes, white musk, grey amber, cedarwood

Many reviewers report, to their delight, that Montale’s Amber Musk is a softer and smoother scent than some other options from the brand. Its approachable nature makes the scent perfect for newcomers to the fragrance territory, but an experienced connoisseur would love it just the same. 

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: bergamot, violet, patchouli, sandalwood, white musk

9. Hermes L'Ambre Des Merveilles 

Key Notes: amber, patchouli, vanilla

Hermès’ L’Ambre des Merveilles borrows properties from the brand’s Eau des Merveilles but still feels like a full-on winter fragrance. Cosy and warm, you’ll find a hint of musk mixed with a sweet amber. You’ll almost want to spray the scent on a sweater and carry it with you through the season.

Another Favorite From the Brand

10. Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

Key Notes: Pink pepper, primofiore lemon, neroli oil, rum absolute, clary sage oil, java vetiver oil, tobacco leaf absolute, vanilla bean, styrax resin

Maison Margiela is known for unisex perfumes, and although Replica Jazz Club is sold as a men’s cologne, that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go. “Replica” in the fragrance’s name refers to Margiela’s intention of re-creating the emotional scents of a certain place and time. This particular amber scent transports you to an old-fashioned cocktail bar. The seductive scent leads with tobacco and rum notes that may make this ideal for the bold perfume wearer but finishes off with amber and sweet vanilla that make it a bit more approachable. 

Another Favorite From the Brand

Key Notes: Coffee, red apple, lemon essence, lavender essence, spearmint essence, orange flower absolute, milk mousse accord, Sri Lankan sandalwood essence, Virginia cedarwood essence

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This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.