Stop Everything—Amazon's Affordable Skincare Line Just Dropped in the UK

For the most part, I'm a firm believer that any emails sent to me post–6 p.m. can wait for a reply until the morning. Let's face it: We could all use a little more work-life balance. But I have to admit that when an email from Amazon landed in my inbox on Monday evening inviting me to the launch of their first-ever skincare line, I replied straight away.

The online retailer's in-house brand, Belei, launched stateside back in March, and I've been eagerly awaiting the chance to get my hands on it—and luckily the wait is now over. The 19-product collection contains a mix of "basic" skincare products that can be slotted into your existing routine or used in conjunction with each other. I was interested to note that, rather taking a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare that brands like Glossier are choosing to adopt, Belei has an impressive selection of cleansers and moisturisers tailored towards the most common skincare concerns.

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"Our approach when creating Belei was to build a premium yet affordable brand that helps customers spend less time searching for the 'right' solutions for everyday skincare concerns while still offering a wide selection," said Fiona Secola, senior vendor manager of beauty for And with products ranging from £8 to £20—and available on Prime with one-day delivery—this might just be one of the most accessible and affordable skincare brands on the market right now.

Amazon Skincare Belei: Launch event



Keep scrolling to shop the highlight products from the range, according to Amazon, and the rest of the skincare offering from Belei.


This is the cleanser I'm personally most excited about—an innovative mousse texture that works into pores to gently cleanse the skin.

Use this as a first step in your skincare routine to remove makeup and grime, or as a lightweight morning cleanse. It's alcohol-free and helps to nourish your eyelashes too—a definite perk.

Celebrity facialist Abigail James was on hand at the launch to chat through the products and she told me that this cleanser was her pick from the collection thanks to the way it deeply cleanses while nourishing skin at the same time.

Similar to the cleanser above but completely fragrance-free and developed specifically with ultra-sensitive complexions to prevent skin irritation.

A great option for oily combination skin types, this lightweight face wash not only removes makeup and grime but targets excess sebum for a slightly mattifying effect.


Great for city dwellers, this antioxidant-rich formula uses skin-softening Nordic cotton and vitamin E to boost radiance and fight free radicals while SPF 15 protects your skin from the sun.

I gave this rich night cream a swatch at the launch event and was pleasantly surprised about just how luxurious it felt. It protects skin against dryness while you sleep and helps to target fine lines and other signs of ageing while you snooze.

This would be my daytime moisturiser of choice. As the name suggests, it has a lightweight gel texture that's perfect if you don't like to wear something too heavy under makeup—or you're prone to oiliness. I reckon this would work well as a makeup primer too.

A no-frills, fragrance-free moisturiser with SPF 15 that has been created specifically for sensitive skin but would suit anyone looking for a basic daily hydrator.

This deeply hydrating formula helps to improve skin firmness and tone overnight—and is free from fragrance to prevent irritation.

After the gel, this would be my other moisturiser of choice. Great for days when you want something comforting on your skin that still sinks in quickly and doesn't feel greasy.

This was facialist's Abigail James moisturiser recommendation. Slightly richer in texture than the Soothing Day Moisturiser, she said it would work well on all skin types for all-day hydration.

Eye creams

As the name suggests, this eye cream is a must when you're looking and feeling totally shattered. It softens the appearance of dark circles and refreshes tired eyes.

If you're prone to sensitivity then eye creams can often be tricky to get right. This one is fragrance-free to prevent irritation or redness and works to prevent fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother eye area.

Toners and serums

Apply this gentle toner after cleansing and before moisturiser to remove any last traces of dirt and makeup and to rebalance the pH levels of your skin to maintain a healthy glow.

Formulated with super berries along with vitamins C and E, this is one of the hero products from the Amazon skincare range. Not only will it protect your skin from the environment but it does a brilliant job of combatting any damage that might lead to early signs of skin ageing.

Apply this before your favourite moisturiser to boots its hydrating effects and add another layer of protection to your skin. Serums are lighter and thinner than moisturisers, and they deliver specific active ingredients into your skin. Using it before your favourite moisturiser can boost its hydrating effects.

Masks and treatments

I absolutely love charcoal masks for keeping breakouts at bay, and this one is a classic, active charcoal formula that cleanses and clarifies pores. Plus, it has a mattifying effect on skin for a fresh effect.

Apply this to clean skin a couple of times a week to speed up cell turnover for brighter skin and improved tone and texture overall.

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